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Inverter power generators from DENQBAR - perfect for camping, on construction sites and as an emergency power generator

Whatever type of inverter generator you are looking for - you will find it at DENQBAR. Our powerful, petrol-driven generators are not only ideal as quiet energy sources when camping, but also provide you with active support on the construction site and, of course, as a reliable emergency generator in the event of a power failure. Backed by years of experience in the field of independent power generation and driven by a constant endeavour for further development, DENQBAR offers you a versatile product range in the inverter generator segment. Take a look at the entire range of DENQBAR generators, compare performance and optional equipment and choose your ideal DENQBAR inverter generator for at home or on the road:

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DENQBAR generators

Great power, versatile possibilities

A petrol-powered DENQBAR inverter generator with a powerful 4-stroke engine opens up limitless possibilities for outdoor use. Operate your technical devices, such as camping air conditioners, mini fridges or microwaves, away from the stationary power grid. To help you choose the right inverter power generator, we have summarised a few common consumers and compatible generators in the table below. Do you want to operate a different electrical appliance? Then check its manual and the manufacturer's specifications for the rated power and starting current values. Compare the information with the corresponding values of the DENQBAR power generator. If the wattage of your consumer is lower than the output of the inverter generator, then the generator can supply the appliance with power. Further questions on this topic? We will be happy to assist you with our expertise and experience. Click here to contact us!

Overview of DENQBAR generator applications

DENQBAR eBLUE 2.0 - technology

Ultra-modern and economical: the smart DENQBAR eBLUE® 2.0 technology!

Welcome to the modern age of mobile power generation, with our DENQBAR eBLUE® 2.0 technology we are redefining the progress of self-sufficient energy production. Our powerful inverter generators are as efficient as they are environmentally friendly. Equipped with a fully electronic ignition system, every start is always successful at the perfect ignition time. This not only guarantees a high level of operating safety, but also ensures a convenient and wear-free starting process thanks to the elimination of moving parts! A DENQBAR inverter generator runs consistently and at a constantly low noise level. The low, even sound frequency has a very positive effect on the sound output of the already quiet power generators and ensures that the operation of the power sources is perceived as pleasant. This is all made possible by the highly efficient utilisation of material and energy that our eBLUE® 2.0 technology stands for! DENQBAR eBLUE® 2.0 - this is how efficient, environmentally friendly and quiet mobile inverter generators can be! Enjoy the convenience and benefit from the massive added value that our power generators bring.

Advantages of DENQBAR inverter technology

Inverter power generators: operate your devices

A DENQBAR inverter generator can be used in a variety of ways. To give you a better overview, we have categorised a few consumers for you and explained what you need to bear in mind when using an inverter generator.

Inverter generator: ohmic loads

Inverter generator: ohmic loads

Ohmic loads are devices that convert the power consumed completely into heat or brightness. Their power consumption corresponds to the power output of the inverter generator. All you need to do is look at the specified wattage of the consumer to select the ideal power generator. To do this, compare the continuous output of your desired device with the rated output of your DENQBAR inverter generator. If the sum of the added continuous outputs of ohmic loads is less than the generator's said value, you can also connect several loads at the same time.

For example: heaters, hotplates, lamps, construction spotlights, kettles, projectors, etc.

Inverter generator: inductive loads

Inverter generator: inductive loads

Inductive loads are appliances that are driven by an electric motor. The efficiency of these appliances can mean that only 70 % of the input power is available as output power. Depending on the type and quality of the motor, three to six times the rated power is required to start the motor. This starting current must be taken into account when selecting the generator and must not exceed its maximum output. If the rated output and starting current of your generator are higher than the corresponding specifications of your consumer, you can operate the device on the power generator.

For example: drill, compressor, lawn mower, microwave, welding equipment, air conditioning units, refrigerator, etc.

Inverter generator: electronic consumers

Inverter generator: electronic consumers

Electronic consumers are electronic devices that rely on a stable voltage in order to function without interruption and without potential damage. As they are very sensitive to the quality of their power source, these devices are best operated with inverter generators, as these ensure a stable power supply without voltage fluctuations. It's just as well that this so-called "clean energy" is included with our DENQBAR inverter power generator models and your sensitive consumers are supplied with well-dosed, constant power!

For example: computers, notebooks, televisions, hi-fi systems, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Generators for all occasions: the DENQBAR inverter power generators

Unlimited use of electronic devices away from the power grid - a dream that doesn't have to remain a dream. With an inverter generator from DENQBAR, you will soon be running your air conditioner, microwave, cool box and even tools such as welding equipment and circular saws wherever and whenever you want!

Don't worry about your sensitive electronic consumers - our petrol-powered inverter generators with the powerful 4-stroke engine are both powerful and gentle. State-of-the-art inverter technology makes it possible: our inverter generators transform direct current into alternating current and thus achieve an optimum voltage as well as a perfect frequency. Whether on a building site, during a power cut or on a relaxing camping trip: give your electronic appliances a safe energy backup. One press of the innovative eco switch is all it takes for our generators to adjust their motor speed perfectly to the required electrical energy! Clean power and reliable voltage stability are just some of the advantages of an inverter generator over a conventional generator - and it gets even better! DENQBAR inverter generators are more efficient than ever; economical, quiet and clean; that's how a generator should be.

Our inverter generators shine with performance and special features, leaving no questions unanswered. All DENQBAR generators run on petrol and have a powerful 4-stroke engine. The various models differ in terms of performance and additional functions and therefore have their own individual specialisations. For example, some DENQBAR generators are characterised as valuable support on the campsite, others as indispensable aids on construction sites and others as powerful emergency generators. DENQBAR inverter generators are versatile: here you will find the mobile power source that suits your life!

Endless freedom - generators from DENQBAR

In addition to their high variability, our generators are also characterised by the aforementioned special equipment. If you opt for a model with a digital display, for example, you can enjoy the innovative handling of the power generator in combination with the option of viewing the operating status on the clear, digital display at any time. The LCD display impresses with its integrated form and clearly defined information that does not require a high level of technological understanding.

Depending on the model, transport wheels, folding grab handles or ergonomic handles make transporting the power generators much easier. Unproblematic manoeuvrability and light weight are not only an advantage when camping, sometimes things can't go fast enough on the construction site either. Mobile power is now worth its weight in gold to save the building project. The same of course also applies in the event of a power failure. A warm fridge and cold food can quickly turn the mood around. Not so with an emergency power generator from DENQBAR! Our inverter generators are great emergency power generators and save the day when the stationary power grid fails.

Frequently asked questions about our inverter generators - FAQ

A DENQBAR inverter generator is a petrol-driven power pack that can supply your appliances with electricity. An inverter converts the direct current generated by the generator into alternating current.

DENQBAR generators can support you in a variety of situations and supply you with energy when the stationary power grid fails. They are ideal for camping, travelling, on the building site or in the garden.

A DENQBAR inverter generator is fuelled with oil and petrol to produce energy. In eco mode, these devices have an extremely low consumption and can easily supply you with freshly produced electricity for several hours.

The generators from DENQBAR are excellent companions in a motorhome, on a boat or in the back of your pickup, and they are also reliable emergency power generators. Please note that generators should only be used outdoors.

As long as the continuous output of a generator is not permanently exceeded by the connected appliances, there are no limits to your imagination. Whether direct or alternating current, a DENQBAR inverter generator supplies them all with freshly produced electricity.