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2.0 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2000

2.0 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2000


2.0 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2000

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2.0 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2000 2.0 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2000 Cable for parallel connection for DQ-2000, DQ-2100 and DQ-3800

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DQ2000 DENQBAR Inverter power generator


Mega lightweight and yet powerful. If you are looking for a mobile inverter power generator that still provides you with safe, clean power everywhere, the DENQBAR DQ-2000 inverter generator is exactly what you need. Thanks to the innovative eBLUE 2.0 technology, the encapsulated construction, excellent noise damping and the resource-saving eco-mode, the DQ-2000 is the ideal companion for any venture. No matter if camping, outdoor events, on the construction site or as an emergency generator when you need power the most. The DQ-2000 will inspire you and be your reliable companion.

DENQBAR Best Brand 2018
At DENQBAR there is currently a reason to celebrate - we have been awarded as "Best Brand of the Year 2018" in the category "Generators"! This has been adjudged by the independent jury of the Plus X Award, the most well-known quality and innovation award for technology in Germany. Only well-deserved and proven brands enjoy an appreciation. In the areas of quality, functionality and ease of use, this award represents an important unique selling point compared to the products of other competitors. With a DENQBAR inverter power generator you are making an excellent choice!



  • 2000 W pure sine wave power supply
  • Max AC output (230 V): 2000 W
  • Rated AC output (230 V): 1800 W
  • Voltage regulation: Inverter
  • DC output: 12 V / 8,3 A charging current
  • Socket: 1x Schuko Socket 230 V, 1x 12 V output
  • USB: 1x 1 A, 1x 2,1 A (Fast Load)


  • Easy to start with recoil starter
  • Especially energy-saving due to automatic speed control
  • Integrated fuel Level indicator
  • Oil deficiency indicator with automatic shut-off
  • Overload indicator with automatic shut-off
  • Fast Charging via USB (2,1 A Fast Load)


  • Engine: 4-cycle, OHV, Single cylinder
  • Displacement: 80 ccm
  • Type of injection: Carburator
  • Noise level (idle): 55 dB (A)/7m
  • Spark plug: A5RTC/A7RTC
  • Fuel: Petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Tank capacity: 4,6 l petrol
  • Run time: up to 11 hours

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 50 cm
  • Width: 29,5 cm
  • Height: 47,5 cm
  • Net weight: approx. 22 kg

Included In Delivery

  • 2000 W inverter power generator
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Maintenance tools
  • 12-Volt Cable
  • New – Original packaging









Main features

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Best brand of the year 2018

Best brand of the year 2018

Choosing this inverter power generator implies buying the highest quality at a more than fair price. For good reason, DENQBAR was awarded "Brand of the Year 2018". This seal of approval is the highest quality award given by the independent jury of the Plus X Award. For each category and year, only one company is awarded, whose products won the most awards in the respective category. Due to this unique feature, the inverter power generators by DENQBAR are differentiating in terms of quality, functionality and ease of use from those of other manufacturers. Try this excellent high-end device and let us convince you!

DENQBAR Stromerzeuger - Powered by eBLUE®-Technology

Powered by eBLUE® 2.0 Technology

eBLUE® 2.0 - DENQBAR's new standard for the best mobile power generation. The features of this outstanding technology speak for themselves: Thanks to the new generation of engines and the innovative and stable electronics, less fuel is consumed compared to conventional generators. For the best efficiency, the inverter adapts to the consumer power and reduces emissions. The starting process is initiated by a fully electronic ignition and increases the operating comfort many times over in contrast to the cold start automatic of comparable generators. The smooth running and low sound frequency significantly reduce the perceived noise level, making the generator very pleasant to operate.

DENQBAR power generator with parallel connector

Parallel Connector

The DQ-2000 DENQBAR inverter power generator with its maximum output of 2.0 kW already has plenty of power under the hood, so that it is well equipped for everyday tasks. However, every now and then you do encounter challenges that require a little more power. But does an expensive second generator really make sense? For these cases, the DQ-2000 offers the possibility of parallel connection. Simply connect two DQ-2000 units with a coupling cable and the total output power has almost doubled - without any complicated control devices or similar. So the best way to get the DQ-2000 is to buy it together with your friends, neighbours or like-minded people in your caravan!

DENQBAR Stromerzeuger erzeugen saubere Spannung

Stable, pure sine wave AC output

The new DQ-2000 DENQBAR inverter power generator with the latest technology. Thus it has the advanced inverter technology, which eliminates the biggest disadvantage of conventional power generators. These only provide impure, also called "chopped" electricity. For voltage-sensitive consumers, this can end fatally, as they are often severely damaged or even destroyed. Not so with the DQ-2000! It reliably transforms direct current into harmonized alternating current, which has perfect frequency and voltage characteristics at all times. The high-quality DQ-2000 can thus safely operate electronically sensitive consumers such as laptops, TV sets, microwaves, travel hair dryers or music systems.

Leiser als herkömmliche Generatoren

Low noise level

Conventional power generators have a huge disadvantage: Due to the open construction they work very loud. Not exactly the best conditions to make yourself popular on the campsite. But with the DQ-2000 DENQBAR inverter power generator you can just keep smiling and maintain a peaceful neighborhood. It has a closed capsule construction and high-quality damping materials. High sound frequencies, which are particularly disturbing to the human ear, are filtered out by the advanced design and the damping components, so that the DQ-2000 impresses with its whisper-quiet operation. This makes it the perfect device for all motor home owners and camping enthusiasts.

Tragbar durch reduziertes Gewicht

Unmatched mobility

The perfect power generator should have a very high mobility. You want to get your private power plant up and running quickly without a great deal of transport effort. With the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2000 you are on the right side! One of our main concerns during the construction was the easy and fast transport. Therefore, we consistently used particularly light materials, so that the DQ-2000 with an empty weight of just 22 kg is one of the lightest generators in its performance class. The extremely compact dimensions and the ergonomically shaped handle are another reason why this branded product is able to impress with its enormous mobility.

Öko-Modus für weniger Verbrauch

Eco-mode = less consumption

As a very interesting feature, the DQ-2000 DENQBAR power generator has an innovative eco mode. At the push of a button, this ensures that the engine speed is optimally adapted to the amount of current required. You as a user will benefit from this in several ways. First, the eco mode provides a significantly more efficient operation, as less fuel is consumed - which is of course good for your wallet. Second, less exhaust fumes are released into the environment at the same time. The third major advantage is the noticeably quieter operation of the DQ-2000, because a downregulated engine runs more quietly than an engine that has to run continuously under full load.

Gleichstromausgang & 12 Volt Anschluss

USB with Fast Charging

The DQ-2000 DENQBAR inverter power generator is one of the most flexible mobile power generators on the market. The universal application character is even underlined by the two USB ports, as they allow an infinite number of other useful applications. For example, you can conveniently recharge the batteries of mobile phones, laptops or cameras without having to use the socket. One USB port delivers 1 amp of charging current, while the other is a true Fast Load Champion with its full 2.1 amps. It has never been easier to recharge your empty mobile phone super fast in the middle of nowhere, where there is no fixed mains socket available for miles around.

Gleichstromausgang & 12 Volt Anschluss

Sockets and DC output

The DQ-2000 DENQBAR inverter power generator not only impresses with its flexible application character, but also offers the user numerous possibilities for power consumption. On board is of course an earthed socket, to which ready-to-plug-in consumers can be directly connected. In addition, the DQ-2000 has a 12-volt direct current output. Using a special cable, this output is ideally suited for recharging batteries, for example. This feature can be worth its weight in gold in an emergency, especially during a longer tour through remote areas. Not to forget the two USB outputs, which can be used to recharge the batteries of countless small devices (e.g. mobile phones)!


Oil deficiency indicator with automatic shut-off

Anyone who spends good money on a product rightly expects it to serve you well over a long period of time. It would be very annoying if a technical device broke soon after purchase. This cannot happen to you with the high-quality DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2000! For a long product life, we have given this brand product two useful safety systems. The low oil protection protects the engine from damage. If the oil level falls below a defined minimum level, the DQ-2000 switches off automatically. The same happens as a protective measure for the electronics if the overload protection triggers due to an excessive power demand.

Bequemes Starten per Seilzug

Recoil starter

It is in the nature of a mobile power generator to provide electricity quickly and easily. Especially in the event of a crisis, a reliable power generator is the be-all and end-all. No matter when or where - you can always rely on the DENQBAR power generator DQ-2000. For this purpose, it has the practical Easy Wire Rope System, which controls the sophisticated TCI ignition (Transistor-Charger Ignition). Due to the principle of self-induction, a voltage surge is generated which is transformed by the secondary coil and thus starts the DQ-2000. The start preparation has also been deliberately kept simple: All that is required is to turn a control switch and then pull the starter cable.


Fuel level indicator

The generous tank capacity of 4,6 litres ensures that the clean power of the DQ-2000 DENQBAR Inverter Generator is available for a long period of time. Continuously cool drinks, suitable lighting and the perfect party music are essential for a successful party under the open sky. And also campers and motorhomes do not want the power supply to be cut off at the decisive moment due to lack of petrol. To avoid such situations, the DQ-2000 has a clearly understandable fuel level indicator. This means you are always informed about the current fill level and can ensure that you have a supply of fuel in time, so that there are no downtimes.


Splash water protection

Whether you're looking for peace and quiet while camping, sprucing up your own boat in the harbour, having an outdoor party with friends or as a useful tool for hobby gardeners: with this inverter power generator, you always have your personal power plant with you, even in the open air. But probably nothing in the world can be planned as badly as the weather. How fortunate that the complete power generator meets the IP23 protection class (protection against water spray) - and the “Schuko” sockets are even protected against splash water with IP44! With the DENQBAR power generator, you don't have to panic when a dark rain cloud appears on the horizon. The device doesn't mind if it gets a few drops.



The DQ-2000 inverter power generator - feel at home when you're on the road

More and more caravans and motorhomes are now on the roads - and the number is growing daily. And also the circle of those who have discovered camping for themselves is constantly growing. This is anything but surprising, because discovering the world with a motorhome and camping in the great outdoors radiates this certain charm of individuality, adventure and freedom. But safety and comfort should never be forgotten! In order to avoid unpleasant surprises on longer tours through the dreamy solitude, a mobile inverter power generator should definitely be on board. And they are also a popular travel companion when camping in unspoilt nature.

All motorhome owners and camping friends will fall in love with the high-quality and versatile DQ-2000 inverter power generator from DENQBAR. It is perfect for recharging an empty on-board battery on the road, for example, or for powering electrical appliances while camping. So you never have to go without fresh coffee or your favourite toast, even in the remotest corners of the earth. So you can feel at home even when you are on the move!

The inverter power generator DQ-2000 with its maximum output of 2.0 kW is ideally equipped for these tasks - and for countless others. Due to its compact dimensions and low empty weight of only 22 kg, this model is perfect for all those who like to be on the road and do not want to make any compromises when it comes to independence. A particularly simple starting system ensures that the power is available at the blink of an eye.

Of course, the DQ-2000 inverter power generator only uses the latest technology. For example, the forward-looking inverter technology which allows even voltage-sensitive consumers (such as laptops, music systems, TV sets, travel hair dryers or coffee machines) to be operated safely. Also on board are two USB sockets (1 x 1 amp and 1 x 2.1 amp output power). This allows mobile phones and other small devices to be charged particularly quickly.

Finally, we would like to introduce a very interesting feature. The DQ-2000 can be coupled with a second generator, so that the total output is almost doubled. This is done via a parallel connection cable, which allows the two power generators to be coupled in a matter of seconds and completely without a control unit or similar. This of course opens up completely new possibilities!

With this fantastic package, the DENQBAR DQ-2000 generator offers you the wonderful world of independent power generation wherever and whenever you want. And as a thank you for your many years of loyalty, we are offering you the DENQBAR DQ-2000 inverter generator at a uniquely low price that you will certainly not find again in this form on the market. All that remains is for us to say: Take advantage and enjoy your " Power to Go"!