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3.8 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-3800

3.8 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-3800


3.8 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-3800

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The new DQ-3800 - the definition of lightweight power!


DQ3800 DENQBAR Inverter Stromerzeuger


Ultra light and yet so powerful - the new DQ-3800 in the DENQBAR inverter generator series combines the best and most important things that our customers want from a mobile power generator. The emergency generator offers the compact, improved design of the DQ-2000 while delivering almost twice the power. A strong companion that is still easily transportable and delivers the cleanest and quietest current imaginable, both at home and on the move. Let our strong lightweight convince you - innovation is DENQBAR!

As "Best Brand of the Year 2018" in the category generators, we at DENQBAR always aim to confirm this award and to further develop and refine ourselves and our high-quality products. Germany's best-known quality and innovation award for technology, the Plus X Award, vouches for outstanding product quality, functionality and ease of use. With our new DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-3800 we have made the next big step and set another milestone as a strong brand in the field of inverter power generators. Convince yourself of the new mobile power pack - the DQ-3800!



  • 3,8 kW pure sine wave power supply
  • Max AC output (230 V): 3,8 kW
  • Rated AC output (230 V): 3.2 kW
  • Voltage regulation: Inverter
  • DC output: 12 V / 8,3 A
  • Sockets: 2 x 230 V (Schuko socket), 1 x 12 V output
  • USB ports: 2 x (1 x 1A, 1 x 2.1 A)


  • EasyStart with recoil starter
  • Fuel saving mode (ECO switch)
  • Automatic speed control
  • Digital display showing
    • Power, amperage, voltage
    • Oil level low, overload
    • Frequency
    • Operating hours
  • Integrated fuel Level indicator
  • USB fast charge function (2.1 A Fast Load)


  • Engine type: 4-stroke air-cooled, OHV, 1-cylinder
  • Displacement: 163 cm³
  • Injection type: Carburetor
  • Noise level (idle): 58 dB (A) / 7 m
  • Spark plug: F7RTC
  • Fuel: petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8 liters
  • Run time: up to 13 hours

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 58 cm
  • Width: 34,5 cm
  • Height: 52 cm
  • Net weight: approx. 27 kg

Included in delivery

  • Inverter power generator DQ-3800
  • Maintenance tools
  • Car charging cable
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Brand new - original packaging









Main features

The new member of the DENQBAR Inverter family

A performance class of its own

The DQ-3800 bridges the power range between our smaller DQ-2000/2100 and its big brother, the DQ-4200, making it a perfect addition to the DENQBAR inverter family. With a maximum output of 3800 watts, it covers both the peaks of start-hungry loads such as chainsaws and drills, guarantees constant operation of construction spotlights, radiators, etc., and equally provides a stable and quiet power supply in the low-speed range, e.g. for charging cell phones, tablets, notebooks and similar sensitive electronics.

DENQBAR DQ-3800 - a lightweight with heavy performance

Ultra light

What generates a lot of energy doesn't necessarily have to be big and heavy - we have committed ourselves to this principle once again with the DQ-3800 and, at just 27 kilograms, have created an absolute ultra-lightweight. As with the DQ-2000, we have relied on the tried-and-tested capsule design and developed it further in an innovative way. This way, you always remain flexible with the new DENQBAR inverter generator and can easily transport the power package. No other generator in this weight class delivers as much output - so the DQ-3800 is easily in a class of its own!

Enjoy the silence - the DQ-3800 keeps it quiet

Ultra quiet

To live up to our inventive spirit once again, we have made the DQ-3800 an ultra-quiet generator in a perfect symbiosis of compact design and the best possible noise reduction. Despite its enormously powerful output of 3.8 kilowatts, the mobile power generator can absolutely be considered a quiet companion on the campsite or in the great outdoors. Unpleasantly high frequencies are swallowed by the economically insulated capsule and do not reach the human ear - even the low frequencies are kept within such manageable limits that you can still talk without effort even at full load.

Inverter with a view - the clean display of the DQ-3800

All on display

You want to have all important data and facts during the operation of your DQ-3800 clearly visible and at a glance? The display tells you, for example, the current power output, the electrical voltage, the frequency, the oil level or also the operating hour duration. At the push of a button, you can choose to display the number of total hours or also the duration of the current operating cycle. The pleasant and functional backlighting ensures optimum readability even in the dark. So you are always informed about all important consumption figures of your mobile energy wonder.

DENQBAR power generators - with the eBLUE® technology

eBLUE® 2.0 Technology

DENQBAR's eBLUE® 2.0 technology, proven and popular in the field of mobile power generation, has been used again in the new DQ-3800 - an unbeatable feature in terms of performance, effectiveness and reliability. Low emissions, economical consumption, minimal wear and tear - all these factors make operating an emergency generator easier and also give you a good feeling. The fully electronic starting process guarantees perfect ignition without effort and with absolute operating safety.

Always in sync - the DQ-3800 delivers a pure sine wave

Perfectly synchronized alternating current

One thing that has always distinguished our inverters and that we are constantly driving to perfection is the conversion of direct current into perfectly clean alternating current. So you can be sure that even sensitive devices such as cell phones, notebooks, tablets or TV sets can be connected and operated or charged with the DQ-3800 without any risk. The built-in inverter in all DENQBAR generators makes it possible - it ensures voltage and frequency stable power supply on each of the available sockets.

A load everyone can carry - easy to transport anywhere

Electricity everywhere

Mobility has been one of the most important buzzwords in our society for a long time - also in the field of power supply. Transportable energy additionally makes us mobile and independent. This is why we have paid attention to lightness in design, especially in the materials used inside and out, without neglecting the factors of stability, robustness and durability. Added to this are the proven ergonomic transport grip and the compact dimensions of the generator. The DENQBAR DQ-3800 is your ideal companion for all ways in, around and out of the house. A reliable, easy-to-move power source for the camper, the allotment, on the campsite, in the forest, at remote lakes and anywhere you don't want to stand in the dark.

The Eco mode makes it even cleaner and cheaper

ECO mode for minimized consumption

In case you ever do not need the full power of the DQ-3800, the fuel consumption can be reduced to the minimum by simply pressing the ECO switch. Once the generator is set to eco mode, it automatically regulates the engine speed according to the output power required for the connected equipment. This is an innovative feature that pays off in many ways: you save valuable fuel, protect the environment by cutting exhaust emissions, and also noticeably reduce the noise level.

The control panel of the DQ-3800

Always connected - USB, Schuko, 12 V...

The inverter power generators from DENQBAR are characterized by great flexibility. The broad range of available ports and sockets on the control panel makes the DQ-3800 a true all-round genius, offering an enormous number of possible applications. Almost all small electrical devices can be charged via USB these days. One of the two USB ports even provides a FastLoad option with a powerful 2.1 amps. This leaves the two Schuko sockets free for other important loads. In addition, the DQ-3800 has a 12 V DC output to which you can connect e.g. fans, cooling devices or battery charging stations.

Parallel connection of two DQ-3800 made possible

Double the fun with Parallel connection

With its 3.8 kW maximum output, the DQ-3800 inverter generator alone already provides an enormous power package. You can achieve even more flexibility and power by connecting two DQ-3800s in parallel - if you want to operate devices on the road that require more energy just at the start or if you want to optimally distribute the load of several devices between the two generators. Your two inverters can be coupled in seconds with the three-core parallel cable - available from our webshop. Due to its special protective jacket and the protective plugs, it is splash-proof and thus ideally suited for outdoor operation.


The DENQBAR Inverter Generator DQ-3800 - Higher power at a lower weight!

It is well known that we at DENQBAR develop powerful and mobile emergency power generators - the vast majority of our more than 500,000 customers have already been convinced of the performance, functionality and mobility of our inverter generators over the past years.

With the brand new DQ-3800, we have succeeded in creating a new innovative product - the step into the middle of our successful three! We combine the compactness and lightness of the DQ-2000, the user-friendliness of the DQ-2100 and the power of the DQ-4200 into a convincingly strong overall package. Bundled with the most advanced inverter technology and all the convenience you have come to expect from DENQBAR products.

With its maximum output of 3.8 kW, the DQ-3800 is able to supply even devices with high starting currents and to operate continuously power-intensive loads in a stable manner. Thanks to its manageable external dimensions and minimal weight of only 27 kilograms, it not only remains a safe haven for house and home, but is just as easily transportable and thus also offers a perfect solution for power supply on the road.

At the same time, the DQ-3800 remains enormously quiet and pleasant in volume even at full load. Thanks to the tried-and-tested ECO switch, it can be turned into an economical minimalist in terms of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions at the touch of a button in case you only want to use it to operate or charge marginally energy-hungry end devices.

A glance at the clearly structured, illuminated display tells you all the important information you need: voltage, frequency, load, operating time, shortage of oil and overload indicator - no wishes are left unfulfilled here. You will also find all the usual convenience in the connection options with 2 USB ports (one of which has a quick-charge option), 2 Schuko sockets, a 12 V connection and the parallel port for linking two generators together.

With the DQ-3800 you get the ultimate all-rounder for all occasions in all places - the reliable and strong companion for house, home, garden, construction site, workshop and wherever you may be. DENQBAR provides power where no one else has it!