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  • professional plate compactor with 75 kg DQ-0213
  • professional plate compactor DQ-0139
  • professional plate compactor with 135 kg DQ-0216
  • professional plate compactor with 188 kg DQ-0217
  • professional plate compactor with 270 kg DQ-0221
  • professional plate compactor with 340 kg DQ-0247
  • polyurethane paving pad for plate compactor DQ-0139 und DQ-0215
  • polyurethane paving pad for plate compactor DQ-0213
  • polyurethane paving pad for plate compactor DQ-0215
  • polyurethane paving pad for plate compactor DQ-0217
  • polyurethane paving pad for plate compactor DQ-0221 and DQ-0247
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Operating weight, compaction pressure, reversibility, running speed, size of the base plate. When buying a plate compactor, there are many factors that will influence your decision for a specific model. At this point, you should keep track of everything and calmly compare the individual features! Here is a clear comparative overview with which you can compare the most important data at a glance. So, you can be sure to choose the best plate compactor for your needs.

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DENQBAR Rüttelplatte in Aktion

High quality and user-friendliness despite low costs.

Plate compactors are known as common compaction machines. In general, they are used on medium-sized surfaces, where these engine powered construction machines fully exploit their advantages. Manoeuvrability and the small size unlike roller compactors are important factors for using a plate compactor, especially in confined spaces. The DENQBAR plate compactors are offering all these advantages for you.

DENQBAR Rüttelplatte - Baugrund ohne Verdichtung

Why is it important to compact the building ground?

The stability and longevity of a structure always depends on the nature of the soil on which it was built. If the soil is uncompacted, there is always proper motion in the surface area. Building a construction on such a ground, is posing an incalculable risk for the statics.

"They who want to build high towers have to give good consideration to the foundation." quoted by Anton Bruckner

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Avoiding damage due to compression

Of what avail is the most beautiful terrace, the most massive carport or the just recently paved parking lot, if subsidence or shrinkage cracks occur at first strain, ruining the whole work? Not to mention unpleasant additional financial costs for repairing. All these incidents can be avoided in advance with adequate compaction by a plate compactor. With their high centrifugal forces, the DENQBAR plate compactors are the right choice.

Reversierbare DENQBAR Rüttelplatte

Even more mobility due to reversibility

If you want a further increase in mobility, a reversible vibrating plate could be the key. By definition, a reversible plate compactor is capable of going forward and backward. Especially in confined spaces this feature is exceedingly advantageous. So even soils with two or more boundaries can be conveniently compacted.

Plate compactor - powerful compaction, minimal effort

A plate compactor is used for soil compaction. A soil compaction is important to create a buildable surface. This can be used as a basis for pavements, roads or as solidified soil for building houses. Our plate compactor is guided by hand and has its own forward motion, making compacting an easy task. Due to the powerful gasoline engine and the impressive exciter, the DENQBAR plate compactor achieves a high centrifugal force.

We have equipped all our plate compactors with wheel kits, making it child’s play to transport your plate compactor. And with our polyurethane mats, perfectly matched to our vibratory plates, you can also perform paving work. Our wide range of products allows you to find the plate compactor that is made for you!