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Tamping Rammer

Tamping Rammer

DENQBAR tamping rammer - the construction machinery specialist is expanding its range

With its high-quality construction equipment, the DENQBAR brand has long made a renowned name for itself among DIY enthusiasts, handyman and professional construction companies. With its numerous models of vibrating plates (operating weights from 75 kg to 340 kg), the company is one of the absolute leaders in the industry, particularly in the field of compaction machinery. Based on the strong innovative power of DENQBAR GmbH, it is a logical development that the construction machinery range is continuously expanding with new product introductions. Therefore, we welcome the DENQBAR tamping rammer in the big family of DENQBAR construction equipment. With the small brothers of the vibrating plates, we have further expanded our portfolio for you, so that your construction project is guaranteed to be a success.


DENQBAR tamping rammer - robust and compact compaction machinery for smaller jobs.

For compaction work on smaller construction sites, in trenches or in cramped areas, vibrating plates often prove to be rather unwieldy due to their size. However, in order for processes to continue to be as simple, fast and effective as desired, DENQBAR has the perfect solution on offer: the handy and robust DENQBAR tamping rammer! Despite their compact dimensions, they have plenty of power under the hood, so that they can be used as practical support on any construction site. The rammers also convince with their flexibility: due to their strong performance characteristics they are equally suitable for work on coarse-grained, mixed-grained or cohesive soils (for example topsoil, soil and loam).


DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0285 - the agile and compact power pack

The powerful 4.8 kW (6.5 HP) four-stroke petrol engine of the latest generation and the operating weight of 78 kg are the perfect conditions for the DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0285 to compact the soil with a pressure of a full 10 kN. But the other performance characteristics are also pleasing: The large stroke of up to 65 mm, the enormous ramming frequency (approx. 700 beats per minute) and the fast forward movement ensure fast, effective and perfect work results at all times. So it's no wonder that the DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0285 is particularly well suited for use in road construction, civil engineering, gardening and landscaping. But also homeowners and gardeners are guaranteed to find many uses for this robust and flexible construction machine.


DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0286 - More power for time-saving compaction

Even stronger, even better. With an enormous 14 kN and an even greater stroke of up to 85 mm and an increased stamping frequency, you will now reach your goal even faster. The advantages remain the same: easy to transport, usable even in the tightest spaces, perfect work results. Whether professional or homeowner, whether sewer construction or subsoil compaction, with the DENQBAR tamping rammer you are perfectly equipped for all applications. The latest engine technology and perfect tuning ensure pleasant working with reduced vibrations, making every project a success.

Vibrationsstampfer - Punktgenaue Verdichtung!

The DENQBAR tamping rammer are true champions when it comes to compaction work on smaller construction sites or confined areas. The robust and flexible rammers are also the perfect choice for use in trenches or right up to house walls or similar. They have a slim design and extremely compact dimensions. Due to their excellent performance characteristics, the DENQBAR tamping rammer are a welcome support for almost every floor condition. For example, work on coarse-grained, mixed-grained or cohesive soils (such as topsoil, soil and loam) can be carried out without any problems.

The DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0285 and DQ-0286 are the perfect companions for particularly small and cramped construction projects. The operating weight of just 78 kg or 82 kg generates a compression pressure of 12 kN or 14 kN, which guarantees first-class results at all times. The simple and intuitive handling is also convincing. This makes this rammer equally interesting for the absolute professional as for ambitious hobbyists or homeowners. In addition, the vibration-damped guide bar guarantees pleasant and effective work.