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4.2 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-4200

4.2 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-4200


4.2 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-4200

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Concentrated power - extremely mobile - user-friendly!


DENQBAR Inverter power generator DQ-4200


May it be a little bit more? No matter how big the challenges are: With our flagship - the extremely powerful DQ-4200 - you get a high-end device that reliably supplies you with clean power anytime, anywhere. Maximum performance with whisper-quiet operation and excellent starting behavior: With this mobile power miracle, DENQBAR has redefined the standards in the upper class of mobile power generation!

At DENQBAR there is currently a reason to celebrate - we have been awarded as "Best Brand of the Year 2018" in the category "Generators"! This has been adjudged by the independent jury of the Plus X Award, the most well-known quality and innovation award for technology in Germany. Only well-deserved and proven brands enjoy an appreciation. In the areas of quality, functionality and ease of use, this award represents an important unique selling point compared to the products of other competitors. With a DENQBAR inverter power generator you are making an excellent choice!



  • 4,2 kW pure sine wave power supply
  • Max AC output (230 V): 4,2 kW
  • Rated AC output (230 V): 3,8 kW
  • Voltage regulation: Inverter
  • DC output: 12 V / 8,3 A charging current
  • Socket: 2x 230 V Schuko Socket, 1x 12 V output
  • USB: 1x 1 A, 1x 2,1 A (Fast Load)


  • Easy to start with recoil starter
  • Especially energy-saving due to automatic speed control
  • Integrated fuel Level indicator
  • Oil deficiency indicator with automatic shut-off
  • Overload indicator with automatic shut-off
  • Fast Charging via USB (2,1 A Fast Load)


  • Engine: 4-cycle, OHV, Single cylinder
  • Displacement: 223 cm³
  • Type of injection: Carburator
  • Noise level (idle): 63 dB (A)/7m
  • Spark plug: F6RTC/F7RTC
  • Fuel: petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Tank capacity: 11 l petrol
  • Run time: up to 18 hours

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 60,5 cm
  • Width: 43,2 cm
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Net weight: approx. 42 kg

Included In Delivery

  • Inverter power generator DQ-4200
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Maintenance tools
  • Car charging cable
  • New – Original packaging









Main features

DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Power Generator - Best brand of the year 2018

Best brand of the year 2018

Choosing this inverter power generator implies buying the highest quality at a more than fair price. For good reason, DENQBAR was awarded "Brand of the Year 2018". This seal of approval is the highest quality award given by the independent jury of the Plus X Award. For each category and year, only one company is awarded, whose products won the most awards in the respective category. Due to this unique feature, the inverter power generators by DENQBAR are differentiating in terms of quality, functionality and ease of use from those of other manufacturers. Try this excellent high-end device and let us convince you!

The DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator produces clean voltage

Clean voltage

Our DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200 has modern inverter technology, which eliminates the greatest disadvantage of conventional power generators. These devices deliver so-called unclean "chopped" alternating current, which can damage or even destroy sensitive consumers. It is different with the digital inverter power generators from DENQBAR, because these direct current is reliably transformed into harmonious alternating current at all times, which always has perfect frequency and voltage properties. A process is intended to ensure that sensitive consumers such as laptops, TV sets, microwaves, freezers or music systems can be operated without worries.

DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator - Quieter than conventional generators


Conventional power generators have another major disadvantage: they cannot be overheard. But with this DENQBAR generator you no longer have to worry about it, thanks to its high-quality construction. The closed capsule design and the effective insulation ensure whisper-quiet operation, and the integrated eco mode also has a positive effect on the volume. This automatically adjusts the engine speed to the required electrical energy for the connected consumer. That is why our house's inverter power generators are ideally suited for use when camping or during other outdoor events, as there are no annoying noises.

DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator - Eco Mode for Less Consumption

Eco mode = less consumption

The practical eco mode is also of interest to our customers for several reasons. This special feature enables the engine speed to be optimally adapted to the amount of electrical energy required. This means that you can work more efficiently at the push of a button, and less of the precious fuel is used. This in turn means that significantly fewer exhaust gases are released, something that both the wallet and the environment are equally happy about. Whisper-quiet, economical and gentle on the environment - three advantages that speak for themselves as a DENQBAR customer!

With the DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator easy transport due to comfortable transport wheels

Handlebars and transport wheels

Freedom and independence are probably the most basic human needs. With the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200, you are betting on the right horse if you want to operate your electrical devices reliably while on the move. Because of this, it was particularly important to be able to move the product effortlessly. We not only focused on lightweight construction materials, it was just as important to us to make the units as compact as possible. We are proud to present our most powerful and amazingly mobile model. Two extra-large wheels and a fold-down handle ensure “round” transport without any sweat breakouts. With this bundle of power on a power generator, you have a very personal and of course mobile socket anywhere, anytime.

With the DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator convenient start-up by pull cord

Start by easy-pull system

It is in the nature of a mobile power generator to provide power quickly and easily. A reliable generator set is essential, especially in a crisis situation. No matter where or when you can always rely on the DENQBAR power generator DQ-4200. Thanks to the practical Easy-Cable pull system, starting is child's play, which controls the sophisticated TCI ignition, also known as transistor ignition. The principle of self-induction creates a voltage surge that is stepped up by the secondary coil and thus allows the DQ-4200 to start. Preparing for the start is deliberately simple: the control dial must be operated and then the starter rope pulled, and the mobile power pack is ready for use.

Easy and fast charging with the DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator

USB with fast-load function

With the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200 you have one of the most flexible mobile power generators available on the market. Thanks to the two USB connections with an infinite number of possible uses, the all-round usable character of the power generator is once again visible. This makes it easy to recharge the batteries of cell phones, laptops or cameras, these are only a few consumers that can be connected without using the Schuko socket. The distribution is good to know, because one brings 1 ampere charging current, the other a whopping 2.1 amps and can thus be described as a fast load champion. Thanks to these conditions, you can charge your empty cell phone super fast, even in the middle of loneliness, without a fixed power socket far and wide.

DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator - Low Oil Protection and Overload Protection

Low oil protection and overload protection

Anyone who invests good money in a product rightly expects to receive good service over a long period of time. It would be extremely annoying if the new device gave up after a short time of purchase. Not so with the high-quality DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200. Why? Two very useful safety systems guarantee the longevity of this branded product. In this way, the lack of oil protection protects the engine from damage. This means that if the oil level falls below the defined minimum level, the DQ-4200 switches off automatically. The same principle applies to the protective measures for the electronics, this overload protection is triggered if the power request is too large.

DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator - DC Output & 12 Volt Connection

Socket and DC output

The DQ-4200 inverter power generator from DENQBAR not only impresses with its flexible use, it also offers the user numerous options for purchasing electricity. An integrated Schuko socket enables plug-in consumers to be connected directly. The DQ-4200 also has a 12-volt direct current output. With the use of a special cable, this output is perfect for recharging batteries, for example. This can be worth its weight in gold on an extended tour in remote areas. There are also two USB outputs for rechargeable batteries for countless small devices such as cell phones.

DENQBAR DQ-4200 Inverter Generator - Tank Gauge

Fuel gauge

The DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200 is available for a considerable period of time thanks to the generous tank capacity of 11 liters. For a successful party in the open air, cool drinks, suitable lighting and the right music are really essential. Even in the event of a blackout, you don't want to be left without power at the crucial moment due to a lack of petrol. To avoid something like that, the DQ-4200 is equipped with an easy-to-understand fuel gauge. This means that you are always informed of the current fill level and can ensure that gasoline is replenished without downtime.


Splash water protection

Whether on construction sites, in industry, for smaller events in the open air or as a useful tool for DIY enthusiasts: With this reliable inverter power generator, you can get clean electricity anywhere and always have your personal power plant with you. But probably nothing in the world can be planned as badly as the weather. How fortunate that the complete power generator meets the IP23 protection class (protection against water spray) - and the “Schuko”-sockets are even protected against splash water with IP44! With the DENQBAR power generator, you don't have to panic when a dark rain cloud appears on the horizon. The device doesn't mind if it gets a few drops.



The inverter power generator DQ-4200 - the extremely powerful mini power plant

Who doesn't dream of having their own house? Thanks to the low building interest rates, homes are currently sprouting up like mushrooms. But on many construction sites, the building owners are initially faced with a problem: Many electrical devices - from rotary hammers to concrete mixers to compressors - are hungry for electricity, but the necessary connections and cables have not yet been laid. This problem is solved in an elegant way with this powerful and flexible inverter power generator!

With the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200 you open the door to the absolute Champions League in mobile power generation. With this high-quality professional device, you can master even the most demanding challenges with ease: Thanks to the maximum output of a gigantic 4.2 kW, even devices with a huge power hunger can be operated reliably. The modern inverter technology guarantees the highest power quality, so that even voltage-sensitive consumers can be operated safely.

And thanks to the simple and intuitive start-up process, the concentrated power of the DQ-4200 is available to you in a fraction of a second. Not to forget the two USB ports! These recharge cell phones, cameras and other small devices at lightning speed without having to use one of the two Schuko sockets.

Despite the impressive performance characteristics, the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-4200 impresses with its enormous mobility. This is ensured by the extra large wheels and the foldable handle, so that you can easily pull it behind you like a travel trolley. But that was by no means all the comforts of the DQ-4200! There are, for example, the protection devices against lack of oil and overload, which significantly increase the service life of the product. The eco mode, which automatically adjusts the engine speed to actual consumption at the touch of a button, is also particularly practical. This efficient way of working not only saves valuable fuel, the power generator also runs much smoother and quieter - no conventional power generator can even begin to keep up. Don't be satisfied with less, rely on the DQ-4200 from DENQBAR!