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Construction Machines

Construction Machines
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DENQBAR construction machinery – support for every construction site

Welcome to the DENQBAR construction machinery segment! DENQBAR GmbH is a competent and experienced manufacturer and distributor of high quality and robust construction machines. Through constant expansion of the DENQBAR construction machinery segment, the company has become one of the leading suppliers in the construction industry in Germany over the last 10 years. Many years of expertise, innovative strength and know-how lead to the fact that DENQBAR constantly improves its construction machinery in the interests of its customers and also developing new products. Trust in DENQBAR and benefit sustainably from this partnership!

In the following we’ll show you the big collection of DENQBAR construction machines. Discover the many advantages that our construction machines have to offer. Your project and our DENQBAR professional construction machinery - an irresistible dream team!

The basis of the DENQBAR construction machines are the numerous plate compactor models. Not only professional craftsmen or construction companies, but also house builders and DIY enthusiasts know how important the construction machine is for compaction work. Nothing works on construction sites without a plate compactor. Whatever your project looks like: with operating weights from 75 to gigantic 340 kg, we have the best plate compactor for every task.

Thanks to their reliability and robustness, DENQBAR construction machines guarantee perfect work results for the following tasks:

  • road construction
  • foundation work in house construction
  • professional gardening and landscaping
  • creation of terraces and paths
  • compaction work in trenches
  • track construction

A plate compactor is a valuable aid even for private projects. Examples are the creation of paved paths, driveways or terraces in the home garden. That’s why ambitious do-it-yourselfers always find the right construction machine at DENQBAR for those kind of work.

Handy tamping rammers - the little brothers of the plate compactors - are now part of the large family of DENQBAR construction machines. They have a slim design and extremely compact dimensions. Making tamping rammers the perfect choice for use on smaller construction sites, in trenches and confined areas. Even compaction work right up to the house wall is no problem with these flexible construction machines.

The DENQBAR construction machinery segment is sensibly completed by the two mini dumper models DQ-0289 and DQ-0290. Mini dumpers are a valuable support for any construction site or for working on larger garden properties. No earth excavation is too large for these DENQBAR construction machines to be transported away quick and easy. In addition, large quantities of concrete, rubble, stones, wood, gravel, building materials or bulky tools can be transported over long distances in short time. With payloads of 300 kg and even 500 kg, the DENQBAR GmbH has consolidated its position as a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and robust garden and industrial equipment on the German market. You are interested in reliable and practical construction machinery? There is no way around the strong brand of DENQBAR!

In addition to their robustness and brilliant performance characteristics, all DENQBAR construction machines have one thing in common: the unbeatable price-performance ratio. This is regularly certified by independent practical tests in relevant journals resulting in numerous well-known awards and test victories over the years. The feedback from our customers, probably the most valuable source, is also consistently positive. Like over 350,000 satisfied customers before you - put your trust in the construction machine specialist DENQBAR!

DENQBAR Construction machines

Whatever you want to build, with the DENQBAR construction machines every project will be a success.