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4.5 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-4500

4.5 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-4500


4.5 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-4500

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Power for all purposes - the inverter for professionals


DQ4500 DENQBAR Inverter Stromerzeuger


With the new DQ-4500 you have mobile power for every work task, no matter where you are. Whether in the workshop or garage, on the construction site or in the garden shed - operate tools with high starting current, such as grinders, power drills or circular saws and charge sensitive electronics like smartphones, tablets or notebooks at the same time thanks to the integrated inverter. The DQ-4500 supplies all devices with the cleanest possible current - stable and reliable! No power outlet? No worries! Independent and constant power supply is DENQBAR!

Germany's highest quality and innovation accolade for technology, the Plus X Award, stands for quality, functionality and user-friendliness. As the "Best Brand of the Year 2018" in the category generators, DENQBAR always has the motivation to confirm this title and to further develop and improve its high-quality products. With the new DENQBAR Open Frame Inverter Power Generator DQ-4500, we satisfy the need for power from your tools and electrical equipment and offer you a safe bet when it comes to reliable power supply. Whether stationary or mobile - the DQ-4500 supports you in all your projects!



  • 4.5 kW pure sine wave power supply
  • Max AC output (230 V): 4.5 kW
  • Rated AC output (230 V): 3.8 kW
  • Voltage regulation: Inverter
  • DC output: 12 V / 8,3 A
  • Sockets: 2 x 230 V (Schuko socket), 1 x 12 V output
  • USB ports: 2 x (1 x 1A, 1 x 2.1 A)


  • EasyStart with recoil starter
  • ECO switch (Fuel saving mode)
  • Automatic speed control
  • USB fast charge function (2.1 A Fast Load)
  • Oil deficiency indicator and overload protection


  • Engine type: 4-stroke air-cooled, OHV, single cylinder
  • Displacement: 223 cm³
  • Injection type: Carburetor
  • Noise level (idle): 70 dB (A) / 7 m
  • Spark plug: F7RTC
  • Fuel: petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 liters
  • Run time: up to 17 hours

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 50 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Height: 46 cm
  • Net weight: approx. 35 kg

Included in delivery

  • Inverter power generator DQ-4500
  • Maintenance tools
  • Car charging cable
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Brand new - original packaging







Stable &


Main features

DENQBAR DQ-4500 Open Frame Inverter - Full force wherever you are

Full force wherever you are

The latest-generation four-stroke petrol engine, installed in the reinforced steel frame, with a displacement of 223 cm³, ensures rich power, while offering economical consumption and a long service life - the guarantee of maximum performance and absolute reliability. With the new DQ-4500, you can supply garden equipment, power tools for home construction, compressors, pumps and much more with electricity without worry, even if there is no power outlet nearby and the extension cords are not enough. The tank with a capacity of 10 liters holds enough fuel for a runtime of up to 17 hours.

DENQBAR DQ-4500 Open Frame Inverter - Inverter over AVR

Inverter over AVR

In contrast to many other open frame generators, which only have an automatic voltage regulation (AVR), we rely on the proven inverter technology in our DQ-4500, which always keeps the beat and can thus also supply sensitive electronics with a pure sine wave without any voltage drops. In addition, you can conveniently charge your smartphone or tablet via USB while you operate the drill and the angle grinder at the two sockets to successfully drive your project forward. Thus, you always get clean power without interruptions and regardless of the RPM.

Compact and lightweight high performance generator

Compact dimensions and a low weight

Generators for outdoor use with this much power are usually bulky and heavy. The DENQBAR DQ-4500 however, impresses not only with its power and wide range of functions, but also with its design with very manageable external dimensions and, compared to other framed generators in this power class, with an enormously low weight. Thus, it remains easily transportable and takes up little space even on smaller working and storage areas. With the Open Frame Inverter from DENQBAR, everything remains within the framework!

DENQBAR DQ-4500 Open Frame Inverter - Save money and energy with the ECO mode

Save money and energy with the ECO mode

For all those who want to save petrol and therefore money - like all our inverter generators, the DQ-4500 also has the extremely practical ECO mode. When you flip the switch, the engine speed is optimally regulated according to the required output power of the connected equipment and tools. Operation in ECO mode not only protects the environment through reduced emissions of pollutants and lower noise levels. The device is only minimally stressed by the throttling and requires much less valuable fuel, which not only extends the runtime per tank filling but above all will be good for your wallet.

DENQBAR DQ-4500 Open Frame Inverter - A multitude of connections

A multitude of connections

We have gathered and arranged all the connectivity options in the usual clear manner on the panel at the front of the generator. You will find two 230 V Schuko sockets for all devices with a conventional mains plug, a practical 12 V DC output and two 5 V USB ports with 1 and 2.1 amps each. The latter offers you a convenient fast charge function (Fast Load), so that the batteries of your mobile devices are always sufficiently full when you need them.

Open design generator

Open design

The open design of the DQ-4500 inverter generator offers many advantages, especially with regard to the place of use. After all, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. Particularly on construction sites and in workshops, where dust and dirt accumulate due to the various tasks, the power generator is better cooled due to the open frame design and is also easier to clean and maintain, since no covers have to be removed and all components are easy to reach. The extremely stable steel frame also provides a solid stand and enables safe and pleasant working at all times - even under unfavorable conditions.

DENQBAR DQ-4500 Open Frame Inverter - Low oil and overload protection

Low oil and overload protection

To ensure that your new power generator will provide good service for a long time, certain mechanisms that contribute to safety and longevity are essential. Thus, we have also equipped the DQ-4500 with an overload protection that immediately shuts down the engine when the requested power from the attached devices exceeds the capacity of the generator. Furthermore, the convenient oil level indicator alerts you when you should add new oil. If the oil level drops below the minimum level, the generator will automatically shut down. These two protective measures ensure that you can enjoy your product for a long time and guarantee the quality of a DENQBAR inverter generator.

Easy to start generator

Getting started is easy

All beginnings don't have to be difficult! If you want to start a project with complex tasks and are dependent on an external power source, you value a quick and uncomplicated starting process. Our Easy-Start system with its practical recoil starter is the perfect solution for you and your project. Simply set the main switch to "ON", open the fuel tap, then slowly pull the choke and, last but not least, the recoil starter. And just like that, the powerful engine of the DQ-4500 kicks in and is ready for action. Even after a longer period of storage, the power pack can be put into operation without any problems thanks to the established transistor ignition (TCI).



DENQBAR Inverter Generator DQ-4500 - Power for Professionals

With the Open Frame Inverter Generator DQ-4500 you get a reliable power supply for your work. Power generators in open frame design are extremely robust and a safe bet on any construction site.

Like all our power generators, the open frame models are designed with reliability in mind. These professional generators are enormously versatile and have two 230 V sockets for supplying various power tools. Thanks to the enormously powerful petrol engine, even consumers with very high initial currents can be started and operated safely. No more annoying interruptions, absolutely smooth running and rapid progress with your projects.

The large petrol tank, together with our fuel-efficient engine, allows you up to 17 hours of continuous operation, even at high power demand. The ECO mode allows you to extend the runtime even further. This power generator works without interruption and so can you.

The DQ-4500 is also enormously reliable due to the perfected inverter technology and requires minimal maintenance. Inverter power generators provide pure power in high quality and are not RPM dependent. They are ideally suited for powering highly sensitive electronic equipment and provide optimized electricity for both inductive and electronic loads. Compared to conventional models, they offer other advantages such as lower noise, low weight and higher fuel efficiency.

As a stationary power supply or as a mobile helper for construction sites, workshop or the garage - the DQ-4500 is THE perfect help for all do-it-yourselfers and professionals. Lightweight, smooth running and absolutely powerful!