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Motor tiller

Motor tiller

DENQBAR motor tiller – your new tool to a new bloom

For your garden to blossom, grow and thrive according to your wishes, it needs the proper soil preparation. What previously took a lot of time and effort to do with a spade, becomes an easy task with this garden tiller. The new DENQBAR petrol tillers dynamically lead you to your desired goal - with the least effort!

With our garden multitool you are optimally equipped for all important work in your kitchen garden. Digging, loosening, cultivating - without much of an effort, the tiller works its way into your soil and prepares it for a splendid flowering and high-yield harvest.

The DQ-0310 garden tiller – loosen up your soil!

Loose soil is hard work. Every gardening enthusiast knows how sweaty and strenuous the groundwork can be until you finally plant a seed and hope for it to grow as you please. The DENQBAR tiller has been expertly designed to work your ground quickly and with the minimum of effort.

The enormously powerful petrol engine, the perfectly balanced weight distribution at a comfortable working height and reduced vibration plus the variable working width and working depth add up to a powerful, stable and yet manoeuvrable garden helper that is easy on your back and saves you a lot of time.

Digging, weeding, fertilising: One tool - triple power!

Flexibility at its best - digging, weeding and mulching with just one tool! The DENQBAR cultivator replaces spade, shovel and hand tiller and saves you a lot of effort and valuable time.

Just like a lawn mower, you move the motor tiller over the surface to be cultivated. The petrol engine drives the chopping unit underneath, whose blades cut into the ground. The forward rotation automatically pulls the machine so that you can dig up, aerate and cultivate your garden without much effort.

DENQBAR motor tiller - Watch the video