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2.1 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2100

2.1 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2100


2.1 kW inverter power generator, petrol-powered DQ-2100

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DQ-2100 Heimwerker Praxis - Product of the year 2022
DQ-2100 PlusX - Product of the year 2021
DQ-2100 PlusX-Award 2021
DQ-2100 Heimwerker Praxis Best of 2022 & GS-Siegel
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Compact - powerful - greatest mobility!


DENQBAR Inverter power generator DQ-2100


Whisper-quiet and convenient operation, easy to transport and an excellent price-performance ratio - these are the characteristics with which the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100 cast a spell over everyone. Due to its flexible application options, intuitive handling and reliability, you feel at home even when you are out and about. Because the luxury of “electricity to go” is the attitude to life for which the strong DENQBAR brand is known.

At DENQBAR there is currently a reason to celebrate - we have been awarded as "Best Brand of the Year 2018" in the category "Generators"! This has been adjudged by the independent jury of the Plus X Award, the most well-known quality and innovation award for technology in Germany. Only well-deserved and proven brands enjoy an appreciation. In the areas of quality, functionality and ease of use, this award represents an important unique selling point compared to the products of other competitors. With a DENQBAR inverter power generator you are making an excellent choice!



  • 2,1 kW pure sine wave power supply
  • Max AC output (230 V): 2,1 kW
  • Rated AC output (230 V): 1,8 kW
  • Voltage regulation: Inverter
  • DC output: 12 V / 8,3 A charging current
  • Socket: 1x 230 V Schuko Socket, 1x 12 V output
  • USB: 1x 1 A, 1x 2,1 A (Fast Load)


  • Easy to start with recoil starter
  • Especially energy-saving due to automatic speed control
  • Digital display showing:
    • voltage
    • amperage
    • current output
    • oil level
    • built-in hour meter to track the total run time
  • Integrated fuel Level indicator
  • Fast Charging via USB (2,1 A Fast Load)


  • Engine: 4-cycle, OHV, Single cylinder
  • Displacement: 80 cm³
  • Type of injection: Carburator
  • Noise level (idle): 55 dB (A)/7m
  • Spark plug: A5RTC/A7RTC; 12,5 Nm
  • Fuel: petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Tank capacity: 4,8 l petrol
  • Run time: up to 11 hours

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 49,8 cm
  • Width: 31,5 cm
  • Height: 45,9 cm
  • Net weight: approx. 22 kg

Included In Delivery

  • Inverter power generator DQ-2100
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Maintenance tools
  • Car charging cable
  • New – Original packaging









Main features

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Best brand of the year 2018

Best brand of the year 2018

Choosing this inverter power generator implies buying the highest quality at a more than fair price. For good reason, DENQBAR was awarded "Brand of the Year 2018". This seal of approval is the highest quality award given by the independent jury of the Plus X Award. For each category and year, only one company is awarded, whose products won the most awards in the respective category. Due to this unique feature, the inverter power generators by DENQBAR are differentiating in terms of quality, functionality and ease of use from those of other manufacturers. Try this excellent high-end device and let us convince you!

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator with LED Display


This digital inverter power generator from DENQBAR leaves nothing to be desired, thanks to the extensive equipment. The integrated LCD display is particularly practical, providing you with all the relevant details at a glance, such as the voltage output, the current output or the total as well as the current operating time. The display mode can be switched by pressing the button on the display for three seconds. Thanks to the background lighting, reading is possible both in the dark and in the open air. No matter where and at what time of day you are always well informed about the current performance features of your power generator.

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Even more power with the parallel connection

Parallel connection

The DENQBAR inverter generator DQ-2100 with its maximum output of 2.1 kW already has a lot of power under the hood, so that it is well prepared for everyday tasks. But every now and then you come across challenges that have a little more power hunger. But for these rare cases, buy an expensive second unit? For these cases the DQ-2100 offers the possibility of parallel connection. To do this, simply connect the two DQ-2100s using a coupling cable and the total output power has almost doubled - and that without any complicated control devices! Click, click, done!

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator produces clean voltage

Clean voltage

With the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100 you are supplied with the latest technology. Such modern technology eliminates the major drawback of traditional power generators. These provide unclean, also known as “hacked” electricity, which can be fatal for voltage-sensitive consumers. It is not uncommon for these to be severely damaged or even destroyed. Thanks to the DQ-2100 you don't have to worry about that. With this inverter power generator from DENQBAR, the direct current is reliably transformed into harmonious alternating current and has excellent frequency and voltage properties at all times. Sensitive consumers such as laptops, TV sets, microwaves, travel phones or music systems can thus be operated safely.

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Quieter than conventional generators


Conventional power generators have one major disadvantage: Because of the open design, they work very loudly. These are not exactly the best conditions for a relaxing campsite stay. But with the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100 this problem is a thing of the past. A whisper-quiet operation is achieved through the closed capsule design and high-quality insulation materials. High sound frequencies, which the human hearing perceives as particularly annoying, are filtered out by the extremely innovative design and the insulation components, making it possible to work with the DQ-2100 as quietly as a whisper. This is why this generator is perfect for all RV owners and camping enthusiasts.

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Portable due to reduced weight

Unmatched mobility

So that you can put your private power plant into operation quickly and anywhere, it is of the utmost importance that the selected power generator has a very high degree of mobility. Exactly this requirement is guaranteed with the DENQBAR inverter power generator. One of our main concerns in the design was to enable easy and quick transport so that the power generator can be used in any required situation. Thanks to the continuous use of particularly light materials, the DQ-2100, with a curb weight of just 22 kg, is one of the lightest power generators in its performance class. It should not be forgotten that the extremely compact dimensions and the ergonomically shaped handle also contribute to the fact that this branded product can boast with its enormous mobility.

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Eco Mode for Less Consumption

Eco mode = less consumption

A feature that should definitely receive special attention is the innovative eco mode. By simply pressing a button, the engine speed is optimally adapted to the required amount of electrical energy. For you as a user, this process has several advantages. On the one hand, the eco mode results in a significantly more efficient way of working, as less fuel is used. Not only the wallet, which is spared, is happy about this, but also the environment, since not only the consumption but also the emission tax is significantly reduced. On the other hand, the DQ-2100 is noticeably quieter than conventional inverter generators, if that doesn't speak for itself!

Easy and fast charging with the DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator

USB with fast-load function

The DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100 is one of the most flexible mobile power generators on the market. The two USB connections underline the universal nature of the application, as there are an infinite number of other useful uses. For example, you can comfortably recharge the batteries of cell phones, laptops or cameras without using the Schuko socket. While one USB port has a charging current of 1 ampere, the second with its full 2.1 amps is a real fast load champion. Due to this fact, it has never been easier to recharge your empty cell phone in the middle of loneliness, where there is no fixed power socket available anywhere.

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - DC Output & 12 Volt Connection

Socket and DC output

The DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100 not only impresses with its flexible use, it also offers the user numerous options for power consumption. Of course, there is a Schuko socket on board, to which the plug-in consumers can be connected directly. The DQ-2100 also has a 12-volt DC output. Using a special cable, this output is ideal for recharging batteries, for example. Such a feature is worth its weight in gold in an emergency during a longer tour of remote areas. Not to be ignored are the two USB outputs, which can be used to quickly recharge the batteries of countless small devices such as cell phones!

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Low Oil Protection and Overload Protection

Low oil protection and overload protection

Anyone who spends good money on a product rightly expects that it will serve them well over a long period of time. Because the annoyance about a technical device that gives up after a short time would be very big. Exactly such a situation cannot happen to you with the high-quality DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100! Because to enable a long product life, we have given this branded product two useful safety systems. The oil deficiency protection protects the engine from possible damage, because if the oil level falls below a defined minimum level, the DQ-2100 switches off automatically. The protective measure for the electronics works in the same way if the overload protection is triggered due to an excessive power request.

With the DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator convenient start-up via cable pull

Start by easy-pull system

It is in the nature of a mobile power generator that it provides power quickly and easily. A reliable generator set is essential, especially in dilemma situations. But you can always rely on the DENQBAR generator DQ-2100, no matter when and where. To make the start as easy as possible for you, we have equipped the power generator with a practical easy cable pull system. The sophisticated TCI ignition, also known as transistor ignition, is controlled via this. The principle of self-induction creates a voltage surge that is stepped up by the secondary coil and thus allows the DQ-2100 to start. The start preparation was also deliberately kept simple: all you have to do is operate a rotary control and then pull the starter rope.

DENQBAR DQ-2100 Inverter Power Generator - Fuel Gauge

Fuel gauge

Thanks to the generous 4,8 liter tank capacity, it is guaranteed that the clean electricity of the DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100 is available for a considerable period of time. Apart from civilization, mobile homes and campers depend on the power supply to be always guaranteed and not to break off at the crucial moment due to a lack of petrol. Even celebrations in the open air should always be provided with cool drinks, suitable lighting and perfect music. The DQ-2100 has a clearly understandable fuel gauge so that there is enough power for every suitable situation. With this feature you can always check the current filling level and thus ensure a timely refill of gasoline without failure.

Splash water protection

Splash water protection

Whether you're looking for peace and quiet while camping, sprucing up your boat in the harbour, having a party outdoors with friends or as a useful tool for hobby gardeners: with this inverter power generator, you always have your personal power plant with you, even in the open air. But probably nothing in the world can be planned as badly as the weather. How fortunate that the complete power generator meets the IP23 protection class (protection against water spray) - and the “Schuko”-sockets are even protected against splash water with IP44! With the DENQBAR power generator, you don't have to panic when a dark rain cloud appears on the horizon. The device doesn't mind if it gets a few drops.



DENQBAR inverter generator DQ-2100 - the mobile power package

It is probably one of the most basic human needs: freedom. With the high-quality and flexible DENQBAR inverter power generator DQ-2100, adventure and independence begin practically at the door. So it's no wonder that motorhome, camping and DIY enthusiasts and festival goers in particular will immediately fall in love with this high-end device. Because of the extremely compact dimensions and the low curb weight of only 22 kg, the DQ-2100 is made for everyone who feels at home on the go.

This high-end device offers its owner the full power of max. 2.1 kW, so that you are well equipped for everyday challenges. Thanks to the particularly simple and effective start system, the clean electricity is provided in no time at all and in just a few simple steps. Of course, only the latest technology was used. For instance, the pioneering inverter technology or the practical eco mode. The batteries of cell phones and other small devices can be recharged at lightning speed using the two USB sockets.

The clear LED display, which provides information on the most important performance data (output voltage, current output, operating hours counter, etc.), offers a further plus in operating convenience. In order to be able to take advantage of this comfort at any time, the display is equipped with a backlight and thus enables easy reading in sunshine as well as in dark. The coupling function is particularly interesting: the DQ-2100 can be connected to a second cable using a parallel cable, so that the total output power is almost doubled.