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Garden power tools

Garden power tools
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DENQBAR garden power tools - useful helpers for your green oasis

Welcome to DENQBAR's large range of garden tools! Since its foundation in 2004, DENQBAR GmbH has been known as a competent manufacturer and distributor of solid and practical engine-driven gardening equipment. Thanks to its great innovative strength, the product range has been continuously expanded over the years and many more top quality products can be expected in the future.

Through all four seasons with DENQBAR garden tools

With our large range of petrol lawn mowers in various cutting widths and all the comfort you could wish for, our new powerful garden shredders, the multi-functional petrol sweeper with collector and snow blade and the brand new motor tiller for perfect soil cultivation, the DENQBAR GmbH has a full array of helpful gardening tools on hand, so that every gardener is guaranteed to get his money's worth here, whatever the season or the weather.

With the practical DENQBAR garden tools, any wild and unmaintained green space can be transformed into a garden paradise that invites you to linger and relax in no time. Do what more than 450,000 people have done before you - rely on the quality and innovative drive of the strong DENQBAR brand!

Lawn mowing made easy

A healthy, beautiful lawn is the most important flagship of any garden. Great thing to have the powerful DENQBAR petrol lawn mowers! These strong and flexible mowing machines should not be missing in any garden, as they ensure a dense and healthy growing lawn. The DENQBAR lawn mower collection includes a wide range of models that leave no wishes unfulfilled.

The large equipment list is more than impressive: Powerful engines, extra-large cutting blades, wheel drive, a huge grass catcher box, central cutting height adjustment, ball-bearing mounted big wheels, a water hose connection and a foldable handlebar with soft-grip are all part of the standard equipment. But the lawn lover will also find models with a extremely comfortable electric start or a variable gear selection among the racy DENQBAR lawn mowers.

The shredder for sustainable gardening

Now that the lawn is in perfect condition, shrubs and trees should also make a first-class impression. Fallen leaves, fallen fruit and pruned branches, loosely lying on the ground, also cut an extremely poor figure. This is where the DENQBAR garden shredders come into play - they make sure that space and order are restored to the garden in no time at all!

The DENQBAR garden shredders with their high-performance petrol engines are absolute masters in shredding tree and hedge cuttings, but also all other plant waste ends up in the bio-bin in a space-saving way. Or use the fine chippings as a starting product for nutrient-rich compost, which returns essential nutrients to the soil! With the two wood chipper models with 5.1 kW (7 HP) and 11 kW (15 HP), DENQBAR has the right answer for every challenge on your property and thus creates the ideal framework for sustainable gardening.

A sweeper for all occasions

The DENQBAR sweeper. is another of our highly efficient tools that helps to keep your property clean and tidy without any effort. Gone are the days of tedious broom wielding and strenuous bending to collect the sweepings.

Using our petrol sweeper with its powerful four-stroke engine, practical wheel drive and a large sweeping width of 100 cm, you can easily free your yard, driveway, sidewalks and even larger areas such as parking lots and work sites from dirt, leaves and even heavy incrustations - the large collector saves you the tedious task of picking up the swept material.

Even on bumpy terrain or cobblestones, the DENQBAR sweeper does a great job. Not even the coldest months of the year pose a challenge for this multifunctional wonder. With the included snow blade, you can easily clear snow and even ice out of the way. This way, you can keep your property free of all inconveniences at all times, even in winter, and save valuable time and energy!

Motor tiller - the ace replaces the spade

DENQBAR also has the right tool for you when it comes to expert soil cultivation in your garden: with our new motor tiller with 3-in-1 function, you can prepare all crop areas perfectly for sowing in spring.

We offer the enormously practical and flexible garden tiller with tine set and mudguard extension (for working widths from 36 to 60 centimeters), a brake spur that is adjustable in three steps for a variable work depth, the practical and easy-to-mount protective discs for safe working between plant rows, and the convenient, fold-out transport wheel.

Digging, loosening, weeding and applying fertilizer with just one machine - soil cultivation has never been so easy!

DENQBAR garden tools - make your garden a paradise!

As our world spins faster and faster, our lives are increasingly dominated by stress and restlessness. For more and more people, the garden is becoming a place of retreat where they can find peace and relaxation. But even such a refuge needs constant care. To prevent this care from becoming a new source of unrest and an additional burden, you need the right garden tools - and DENQBAR has just the right thing for you!

With us, as your competent and experienced partner for motorized garden equipment, you will be more than proud of your perfect paradise. And even the one or other neighbor is sure to look enviously over the fence. Made possible by the dynamic quartet from DENQBAR, which turns any garden plot, no matter how wild and overgrown, into an absolute dream in green at the drop of a hat.

Petrol lawn mowers, garden shredders, sweepers and motor tillers - these are our four great tools that make the dream of a perfect garden come true for every gardener in no time at all. These high-quality and mobile garden tools not only impress with their concentrated power, but also with their robustness, multifunctionality and user comfort. This way, you will experience the perfect mix of lush lawn greenery, perfectly trimmed back shrubs and trees, healthy soil on which plants can develop magnificently, as well as clean patio tiles, walkways, courtyards and driveways. Make your garden greener with DENQBAR!