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DENQBAR GmbH - the company

DENQBAR – This is how it's done! Not just a simple catchphrase but a statement of solidity and result of more than 10 years of experience in developing high-quality products for our customers - at a fair price! To remain constantly successful, there has to be an urge and will to innovation, always paired with the focus on established methods and the company values. Keeping track with technical developments and having eyes and ears for customer needs helps us getting better. Travelling at the speed of life and using our potential - this is how we do it and this motto resulted in numerous awards and prizes as you can see below.

Trusted Shops - Excellent Shop Award 2023

Trusted Shops – Excellent Shop Award 2023

As we live in the digital age, e-commerce has become an important part of our everyday lives. This makes it all the more essential for you as a customer to find a reliable and trustworthy online store that offers excellent service, complete data security and a comfortable shopping experience. One of these outstanding online stores is DENQBAR, which has now received the highly prestigious Excellent Shop Award from Trusted Shops. This honor recognizes DENQBAR's long-standing commitment to excellence in online commerce - we have carried Trusted Shops' renowned seal of approval for more than 10 years. Continually evolving and improving to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers by investing in technology, staff training and constant quality control, DENQBAR ensures that you always enjoy the best and safest shopping experience possible.

DENQBAR Top Job Award 2022

TOP JOB - Employer of the Year 2022

DENQBAR places great emphasis on employer attractiveness - and our success proves us right: the former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel awards the Pirna-based company with the "Top Job" employer seal. As patron of the nationwide company comparison, he acknowledges the remarkable healthy and high-performance workplace culture. This is the second time that DENQBAR has been awarded the prestigious prize for employer attractiveness - the Top Job Award 2022 is one of the awards with the greatest appeal when it comes to human resources management and corporate social responsibility. The employer analysis "Top Job" is tailored to the virtues of medium-sized companies. A scientifically based employee survey developed specifically for this purpose evaluates the culture of the companies. The feedback from the Denqbar workforce was consistently positive. After the premiere in 2019, the current quality seal is now the renewed confirmation of an employee-friendly strong brand.

DENQBAR Beste Marke des Jahres 2018

Plus X Award „Best Brand of the Year 2018“

DENQBAR can celebrate once again - we are "Best Brand of the Year 2018"! This title - the highest-ranking that the Plus X Award has to offer - honours particularly deserving and positively outstanding manufacturer brands. Only the most successful brands of each year receive this prestigious seal of quality - only the company that has won the most awards in the respective category is awarded per category. This positively and visibly distinguishes DENQBAR inverter generators from those of our competitors in terms of high quality, functionality and ease of use. This unique selling point highlights the success of DENQBAR's corporate philosophy: we stand for innovative and high-quality products at the best price!

DENQBAR Höchste Kundenzufriedenheit des Jahres 2018

Plus X Award „Highest Customer Satisfaction 2018“

The foundation of any prosperous business is satisfied customers. For this, you need not only a truly convincing product portfolio, but also outstanding customer service. So it's no wonder that customer service is a top priority at DENQBAR. The fact that we are more than successful in doing this, is underlined by the results of the latest customer survey conducted by the Plus X Award. For one month, Germany's customers were asked to vote for their favourite manufacturer. After counting almost 4,000 votes, it was official: We offer the best customer service in the field of generators! For this, DENQBAR was awarded the well-deserved seal of quality "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2018". This impressive success is our incentive to continue offering our customers not only high quality at the best price, but also all-round competent and reliable customer service from A to Z.

DENQBAR ist TOP JOB Top-Arbeitgeber 2019

TOP JOB - Employer of the Year 2019

DENQBAR literally offers TOP JOBs! This fact is impressively proven by winning the prestigious TOP JOB 2019 Award. The scientifically based TOP JOB Award was developed by the Centre for Employer Attractiveness (zeag GmbH) together with the University of St. Gallen. Since 2002, the seal has been awarded exclusively to quality-conscious companies that define themselves through a particularly attractive and healthy workplace culture. The fact that DENQBAR was able to win the TOP JOB Award at the very first attempt makes this triumph all the more outstanding. So work can indeed be fulfilling and fun at the same time. At DENQBAR, trusting cooperation at eye level and a wide range of employee benefits are a matter of principle.

DENQBAR 3. Platz Marktplatzhirsch 2018

Marktplatzhirsch 2018, 3rd place

For years, the "Marktplatzhirsch" Award ceremony has been held on the Online Trade Day of the German Online Trade Association (Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V.). Especially in the world of e-commerce, this date at the end of August has become a real must. The Marketplace Stag - as the name suggests - is only awarded to those companies that are successful in target group-oriented trading on as many shopping platforms as possible. After a detailed preliminary examination by the jury, the online customers ultimately had the choice of who could proudly go home with the title "Marktplatzhirsch 2018". DENQBAR came in an excellent 3rd place, because the competition was not only big, but also renowned. The laudatory speech said for DENQBAR: "By breaking new grounds and the associated online market presence, the company was able to secure an economic player position, which is adequately rewarded with the third Marktplatzhirsch-Award 2018!"

Sachsen Unternehmer des Jahres 2017

Nomination for Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Innovative ideas, exceptional products, a flair for environmental protection, social commitment and regional roots in Saxony - entrepreneurs with these qualities are the focus of the "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition. In 2017 - the well-known entrepreneurial award was now in its twelfth round - Mr Jörg Schwarzwälder (Managing Director of DENQBAR GmbH) was also nominated for the prize. Even though the prize ultimately went elsewhere: The nomination and the successful performance in the competition underline the entrepreneurial commitment, creativity and pioneering role with which DENQBAR GmbH makes a sustainable contribution to the regional economic strength.

DENQBAR ships climate neutral with DPD and GLS

DENQBAR ships climate neutral with DPD and GLS

As a manufacturer and distributor of mechanical engineering products, carbon neutral shipping is all the more important to us. That's why we are committed to doing our part for low-emission transport together with our logistics partners DPD and GLS and support various projects in environmental and climate protection with the certificates. For years we have been an active participant in the GLS KlimaProtect program, which offsets the CO² emissions generated during parcel transport by investing in a certified forest protection and reforestation project.


DENQBAR - the brand, the products

Our work and our products should first and foremost convince and inspire you, our customers. Even though positive feedback and recognition are of course the greatest incentive for us, we are nevertheless proud that our products regularly receive major awards from renowned trade journals and online portals. Each award strengthens our self-imposed claim to more than meet the high customer expectations in terms of quality in the future as well. So that we can continue to say: DENQBAR - award-worthy products.

Below you will find an overview of the numerous test reports and awards that DENQBAR products have won over the years.

DENQBAR Generators

Product of the year 2023 - Heimwerker Praxis

Product of the year 2023 - Heimwerker Praxis

The DQ-2000 inverter generator from DENQBAR has become a constant in the upper class of mobile power generators. In its major survey of experts, HEIMWERKER PRAXIS now also found that the small power pack with its low noise level and enormously economical consumption is an absolute must-have for all garden and outdoor enthusiasts. It is the second time in a row that DENQBAR has won a "Product of the year" award for one of its flagship products, after the DQ-2100 already received this title in 2022. With the DQ-2000, customers get the all-round solution for all places where there is no power outlet available - a stable and reliable power supply for running garden equipment and power tools.

Plus X Award „Bestes Produkt des Jahres 2021“ DQ-2100

Plus X Award „Best Product of the Year 2021“

The Plus X Award offers the opportunity to be awarded the prestigious seal of quality "Best Product of the Year". For this, it is important to be awarded one or more seals of approval in the seven categories by the expert jury in order to be nominated. Our inverter generator DQ-2100 has already received a seal of approval in the categories "High Quality", "Functionality" and "Ease of Use". Our power generator was able to hold its own against its competitors and claimed the seal "Best Product of the Year 2021" in every aspect. The DQ-2100 is thus the first product from our company to bear this title and honours us in every manner as a rising company.

German Design Award 2022 Special Mention - DQ-4200

German Design Award Special Mention 2022 for "Excellent Product Design"

The German Design Award is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and DENQBAR was not only represented again this time, but was also honoured with another distinguished award. Our "big one" - the DQ-4200 inverter generator - received a Special Mention Award in the "Gardening and Outdoor Living" category for its excellent product design. This puts the DQ-4200 in the Champions League, together with its ancestor, the DQ-3600ER, which won the title in 2016. The German Design Award is presented by the German Design Council, the German brand and design authority. Its mission from the highest level: to represent the developments in the German design landscape. Formed as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag, it supports the economy in consistently achieving brand added value through design. This makes the German Design Council one of the world's leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design.

Product of the year 2022 - Heimwerker Praxis

Product of the year 2022 - Heimwerker Praxis

Having already been named one of the top products in the category "Mobile Power Generators" with a top grade of 1.3 in the 2021 annual review of HEIMWERKER PRAXIS, our powerful inverter generator DQ-2100 has now been awarded the title of "Product of the Year 2022" in a Europe-wide vote. Its low operating weight and absolute reliability paired with an always constant voltage level convinced both customers and experts all around.

Plus X Award 2021 für „High Quality“, „Funktionalität“ und „Bedienkomfort“ DQ-2100

Plus X Award 2021 for „High Quality“, „Functionality“ und „Ease of Use“ for the DQ-2100

The Plus X Award is probably the world's largest and most important innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. Products with a quality and innovation edge are awarded. We are therefore more than proud that our inverter power generator DQ-2100 not only won an award, but also three awards in the categories "High Quality", "Functionality" and "Ease of Use" and received top ratings. With such an outstanding result, it is not surprising that the independent jury of experts decided to award the inverter generator with the recognised Plus X Award Seal of Quality.

HEIMWERKER PRAXIS Best of 2022 awarded to the DQ-2100

Heimwerker Praxis - Best Of 2022

Once again, DENQBAR has achieved an outstanding place in the HEIMWERKER PRAXIS annual review with one of our top products. Thanks to its convincing overall package of performance, convenience and durability, our DQ-2100 inverter generator was awarded a "Best of 2022" award and can thus be used again in the coming year as an ever-ready helper in your projects - for hobby DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

DQ-2000 - 1. Platz bei der AUTO ZEITUNG Reisemobil-Wahl 2021“

1st Place AUTO ZEITUNG Motorhome Award 2021 Category: Generators (DQ-2000)

In the big vote for Motorhome of the Year, the perfect companions, the accessories, were also chosen by the readers of the trade journal AUTO ZEITUNG. In the field of power generators, there could only be one clear number 1, the DQ-2000 of DENQBAR. The many readers of AUTO ZEITUNG also saw this and voted the DQ-2000 into first place, confirming the high quality of the generator and the strong DENQBAR brand in the power generator sector.

AUTO ZEITUNG Testurteil: „Empfehlenswert“

AUTO ZEITUNG (10/2020), Test Rating: „Recommendable“

In the section "Practical things for on the road", the test editors of "AUTO ZEITUNG" (10/2020) put the DENQBAR Inverter Power Generator DQ-2000 to the test in detail. The "silent powerhouse" was convincing all along the line. Especially in the categories of mobility, performance and operation, the handy power plant received top marks. No wonder then, that this model is "especially suitable for campers". Since the testers were also impressed by the foolproof starting process and the convincing price-performance ratio, there was only one possible final rating: a clear editorial recommendation for the DENQBAR DQ-2000 inverter power generator!

TÜV Süd „Geprüfte Sicherheit“ (DQ-2100)

TÜV Süd „Certified Safety“ (DQ-2100)

For most prospective buyers, certified product safety is one of the most important purchase criteria. Of course, safety is also very important to us as a manufacturer, because it creates trust. That is why we subject our inverter power generators to voluntary testing by an authorised, state-recognised body. With the independent TÜV SÜD GS mark, you can be sure that the DQ-2100 meets the European and German safety standards.

DENQBAR Shredders

Testsieger beim großen ETM Testmagazin Test

ETM Testmagazin (11/2014), Test Winner rated „very good“

In its issue, the high-profile test magazine pitted several petrol shredders against each other. DENQBAR's model was able to leave the competition behind in all areas and was the deserved test winner with the highest rating of "very good", which was only awarded once. In the test, our DQ-0231 set new standards in its performance class, particularly in the categories of handling, ease of operation and starting behaviour. In addition, the test editors attested to the DENQBAR model's uncomplicated filling with cuttings and easy transport from A to B.

mein schöner Garten empfiehlt DENQBAR Gartenhäcklser

mein schöner Garten recommends the 11 kW (15 HP) Shredder

The trade journal "mein schöner Garten", which has been published for over 40 years and is the largest gardening magazine in Europe, chose the DENQBAR 15 HP shredder for its major practical test. Its powerful 11 kW (15 HP) petrol engine was convincing.In their conclusion, the editors found the high mobility, easy operation and very good shredding performance to be good reasons for their recommendation. In their accompanying fruit tree pruning video, they showed how easy it is to use the shredder, thus proving its practical suitability. A clear recommendation from the editors.

Familienheim und Garten (10/2019), Testurteil „sehr gut“

Familienheim und Garten (10/2019), Test rating „very good“

Mobility, power and endurance - the DENQBAR DQ-0232 shredder combines these characteristics to perfection. The test editors of the well-known gardening magazine "Familienheim und Garten" therefore aptly judged: "It can also do ten gardens in a row without grumbling!" During the demanding practical test, the universal application character of the mobile shredding wonder was also convincing: "Whether the apple tree protrudes into the neighbour's plot or the pine tree increasingly takes the light away from the smaller plants - there are countless situations in which this mighty shredder provides valuable help." No wonder, then, that the testers declared the powerful 11 kW (15 HP) garden shredder to be the absolute "professional gardening machine". Verdict: Top mark "very good"!

Preis-/Leistungssieger beim ETM Testmagazin Test

ETM Testmagazin (11/2014), Price-Performance Champion

Once in the hands of the experts from ETM Testmagazin, the DENQBAR shredder immediately picked up one of the much sought-after prizes. With a dream score of 92.6%, our product offers the best quality at an affordable price, which also meant victory in the price-performance category. In terms of performance, the DQ-0231 was attested the greatest power among all the test devices. The test editors also particularly praised the shredder's safety features: all slots are securely covered to ensure safe shredding.

Heimwerker Praxis Leser wählen DENQBAR Gartenhäcksler als Bestes Werkzeug 2018

Heimwerker Praxis, Best Tool 2018

Branches, twigs and plant waste once again stood no chance against DENQBAR's powerful 11 kW (15 HP) DQ-0232 shredder. In the big practical test in the DIY trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis", our "big one" once again made short work of the test and the test area was transformed into a tidy garden paradise in no time at all. The test editors attested the garden shredder real "professional characteristics". Especially in the categories starting behaviour, performance and price-performance ratio, the high-end device scored top marks. The DQ-0232 was thus nominated for "Tool of the Year 2018". In the subsequent vote, which was decided solely by the readers, the DENQBAR garden shredder was able to outpace the competition and thus won the prestigious annual award "Best Tool 2018".

Heimwerker Praxis erwählt DENQBAR Gartenhäcksler als Best of 2018

Heimwerker Praxis, Annual Award „Best of 2018“

The 11 kW (15 HP) shredder from DENQBAR is no match for the competitors when it comes to concentrated power. Even pruned branches, twigs, plant and leaf waste are transformed into the finest shredding material in a flash. The team from the DIY magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" was also impressed by our "big one" during an extensive practical test. The DENQBAR shredder was attested "professional characteristics". The testers awarded top marks in the categories of starting behaviour, performance and purchase price. With this result, the DQ-0232 was one of the personal highlights of the year for the editors, which impressively confirms the "Best of 2018" award.

Selbst ist der Mann (11/2019), Testurteil: 5 von 5 Hämmerchen

Selbst ist der Mann (11/2019), Test Judgement: 5 out of 5 hammers

Prepared with the complete autumn pruning, the trade magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" invited the DENQBAR 5.1 kW (7 HP) garden shredder to the big practical test. From the very first second, it impressed with the enormous power with which the garden waste was transformed into the finest shredded material. But the test editors were also impressed by the fast working speed: "In just over an hour, everything was processed into compostable mulch. We were very pleased by the working speed of the device." Since the DQ-0231 also scored top marks in the categories of operation and workmanship, there could ultimately only be one possible final score: 5 out of 5 hammers for the mobile DENQBAR garden shredder, because it is "the ideal purchase, even for the allotment garden!"

5 Sterne beim Selber machen! Duell

Selber machen! (Ausgabe 06/2016), Test Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

In the "Great Duel" in the well-known Do-It-Yourself magazine, our 5.1 kW (7 HP) garden shredder competed against well-known competitor models. In the end, the DENQBAR shredder left the test arena as the clear winner. And it even achieved the top score of "very good", which was only awarded once. The first-class shredding performance of our product was a particular challenge for the competition. The test editors also praised the mobility of the machine - transport is pleasantly easy thanks to the air-filled tyres. This makes gardening a breeze!

Heimwerker Praxis Spitzennote 1,4

Heimwerker Praxis (06/2017), Heimwerker Praxis awards top grade 1.4

The powerful DENQBAR shredders really get things done and all garden waste is transformed into valuable shredding material in no time at all. The team from the trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" was able to see this for themselves during an extensive test. The test editors certified our 11 kW (15 PS) shredder as having real "professional characteristics". Top marks were awarded in the fields of starting behaviour, performance characteristics and purchase price. In the end, the DQ-0232 received a convincing final score of 1.4, which secured it a prestigious place in the top class.

DIY-Portal 4,5 Sterne (Test 2017), 4.5 out of 5 stars

Our 5.1 kW (7 PS) garden shredder had to undergo a particularly demanding test on the well-known DIY portal As the test reports are all produced in a domestic and non-commercial setting, they are particularly authentic, as the reader will recognise himself in the applications. The DQ-0231 was able to captivate the testers with its very good workmanship and enormous output. In the end, another award was won: thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio, the DENQBAR product received 4.5 out of 5 stars and an absolute recommendation to buy.

ETM Testmagazin Testsieger

ETM Testmagazin (09/2012), Test Champion

Our "big one" has also been a guest of ETM Testmagazin, where it was immediately subjected to a tough practical test together with four other machines. In the end, our DQ-0232 left the arena again as the clear test winner, and with the top rating of "very good". The enormous performance, the quality of the shredded material and the easy operation of the device were the main reasons for the fabulous rating of 92.8 %. The final conclusion was therefore: "The DENQBAR product is undeniably a shredder from the professional sector, which alone shows its enormous performance".

Selbst ist der Mann vergibt 5 Hämmer

Selbst ist der Mann (05/2015), Rating: 5 out of 5 hammers

Prepared with a year's worth of pruning material, the trade magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" invited us to a big shredding test. Our powerhouse with a hefty 15 hp was happy to take on this challenge. The DENQBAR garden shredder completed the job, which once took several weekends, in practically no time at all. The test report on the robustly constructed shredding wonder explicitly praised the fine work result and the power, with which "no electric device on the market can compete". No surprise then that the DQ-0232 returned home with a proud chest and the best possible rating.

Geprüfte Sicherheit für DENQBAR Gartenhäcksler

TÜV RHEINLAND „Certified Safety“ 5,1 kW (7 HP) Shredder / 11 kW (15 HP) Shredder

The high-performance shredders from DENQBAR really get things done transforming garden waste into valuable shredding material in the blink of an eye. It goes without saying that safety at work is particularly important to us. That's why DENQBAR garden shredders comply with the latest machine and safety guidelines, for example by ensuring that hands cannot get into the cutting mechanism under any circumstances. This sophisticated safety concept has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, a recognised independent testing institute, under the numbers S 50251668 and S 50251672 following an extensive inspection.

DENQBAR Plate Compactors

Heimwerker Praxis Produkt des Jahres

Heimwerker Praxis, Award „Product of the Year 2017“

Every year, the well-known DIY magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" holds its "Product of the Year" competition. In this competition, the test editors crown their absolute highlights of the year together with the readership. In total, well over 100 top products were nominated in a wide range of categories. DENQBAR competed with the Plate Compactor DQ-0139 in the category "Everything else nice for the garden" against 20 competitors. Due to the enormous performance, the starting behaviour, the smoothness and the vibration-damped guide handle, the DENQBAR model deservedly took the throne in the end and thus secured the much-desired title. 5 von 5 Sternen DQ-0139 (07/2013), Test Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After the extensive test, the experts from particularly praised the easy starting of the vibratory plate: Thanks to the 4-fold starting aid (consisting of electronic ignition, easy cable pull, manual starter and choke), the starting process is child's play. In addition, the high-quality workmanship and the unbeatable price were positively highlighted in the test report. Consequently, there was no way around the top rating for the Plate Compactor DQ-0139.

Heimwerker Praxis Urteil Note 1,5

Heimwerker Praxis (04/2016), Test Rating: 1.5

In this practical test, the DQ-0139 was particularly successful due to its convincing work results and high working speed (25 metres per minute). The very easy handling also contributed to the very good test result, so that both newcomers to this profession and ambitious do-it-yourselfers will equally enjoy working with the DENQBAR vibratory plate. Due to its robustness and the very attractive price, you can't go wrong with the purchase.

Redaktionswahl zum Best OF 2014

Heimwerker Praxis, Annual Award „Best of 2014“

Every year, the editors of "Heimwerker Praxis" choose their very special highlights. The /en/plate-compactor-dq-0139/a-1128" title="DENQBAR Plate Compactor DQ-0139">Plate Compactor DQ-0139 from DENQBAR won this popular award for the first time in 2014. The outstanding performance features, the convincing workmanship, the intelligent equipment features and, last but not least, the favourable price were the main factors contributing to this decision. It is therefore no wonder that the experienced testers also like to use DENQBAR's high-quality products in the private DIY sector.

BEST OF 2017 von den Redakteuren der HWP gewählt

Heimwerker Praxis, Annual Awards „Best of 2017“

We pay more than just lip service to the fact that DENQBAR constantly realigns its products to the needs of its customers and introduces practical new developments. Our innovative strength is demonstrated by the fact that in 2017 the improved successor model to the /en/plate-compactor-dq-0139/a-1128" title="DENQBAR Plate Compactor DQ-0139">Plate Compactor DQ-0139 was able to win the "Best of" trophy yet again. Due to the first-class work results in the test, the intuitive operation and the unbeatable price-performance ratio, the renewed triumph of the DENQBAR vibratory plate was no surprise.

Geprüfte Sicherheit für DENQBAR Rüttelplatte

TÜV RHEINLAND „Certified Safety“

It is not uncommon for every manufacturer to think that its own products are the best. However, since we are more than convinced of our products, we regularly have them tested and evaluated by independent public institutions. This was also the case with our plate compactor, which was successfully certified by TÜV Rheinland with the GS seal. This seal guarantees that the vibratory plate is safe, legally valid and of consistently high quality.

5 von 5 Hämmer im Selbst ist der Mann Erfahrungsbericht

Selbst ist der Mann (08/2019), Rating: 5 out of 5 hammers

The manoeuvrable DENQBAR plate compactor DQ-0216 with its operating weight of 135 kg is perfect for effectively compacting terraces, paths and driveways. This is also confirmed by the major practical test carried out by the well-known DIY magazine "Selbst ist der Mann", in which the robust vibratory plate had to compete. DENQBAR's construction machine scored particularly well in the categories of compaction performance, operation, equipment and adjustable working direction (so-called reversibility). The test editors came to the appropriate conclusion: "inexpensive vibrator with professional qualities". No wonder, then, that the DENQBAR vibrating plate DQ-0216 proudly returned home with the best possible score (5 out of 5 hammers).

4 von 5 Hämmer im Selbst ist der Mann Erfahrungsbericht

Selbst ist der Mann (08/2016), Rating: 4 out of 5 hammers

The editors of the DIY magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" were impressed by the first-class price-performance ratio of our DQ-0139 during a major practical test. In the conclusion, the pleasant vibration damping, the convincing compaction performance and the practical transport chassis were also praised. With its good 100 kg, the plate compactor from DENQBAR is designed for all those who have "big plans".

DENQBAR Mini Dumper

5 von 5 Hämmer im Selbst ist der Mann Erfahrungsbericht

Selbst ist der Mann (08/2020), Rating: 5 out of 5 hammers

The right partner to move heavy loads effortlessly off-road. The DQ-0289 proved itself in the practical test of the DIY trade magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" (08/2020). The robust construction, which "does not resent professional use", was convincing, as was the simple and convenient operation, which allows heavy loads to be moved in the desired direction with minimal effort. With a capacity of up to 300 kilograms of bulk material, it is not surprising that the DENQBAR Mini Dumper is described as a versatile helper. Perfect areas of use are rough terrain, such as on construction sites, in landscaping or even in the forest. Conclusion: the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0289 with all-wheel drive was awarded the highest rating of "very good" (5 out of 5 hammers).

DENQBAR Tamping Rammer

Geprüfte Sicherheit für DENQBAR Vibrationsstampfer

TÜV RHEINLAND „Certified Safety“

Whether on small construction sites, in trench or canal construction, there are confined areas that can only be compacted with a tamping rammer, because its low operating weight and compact dimensions allow the construction machine to be handled effortlessly even in the tightest of spaces. Safety precautions, such as a vibration-damped guide bar or low exhaust emissions, ensure good and safe operation of the construction machine. Our machine and safety guidelines are always up to date, which has also been fully confirmed by the seal of TÜV Rheinland, a recognised independent testing institute.