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Shredder / Wood chipper

Shredder / Wood chipper
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DENQBAR garden shredder - makes way for a tidy garden

A garden shredder makes way for a tidy garden

Branches, twigs, leaves, plant residues - a lot of work and material accumulates in a garden throughout the year. Especially in autumn there is a lot to do on the green spaces. What remains after tree, hedge and shrub trimming are bulky and voluminous remains. A garden shredder creates room and brings some clarity to the garden. The shredding process reduces the volume of the original material by up to 75% on average. This is because a normal-sized garden of 800 m² produces an average of 100 m³ of plant material. To cope with this amount of plants, the volume reduction by the garden shredder is the most practical and sustainable solution.

Saving money with the DENQBAR wood chipper

Save money with the wood chipper

A wood chipper does not only provide more room in the garden. It also saves cash, time and a lot of effort. The cuttings would have to be driven to the landfill and disposed of there at great expense. To make more effective use of the green bin, the volume reduction of up to 75% brings a clear money advantage. But the shredded material can be used even more profitably by using it as a natural and completely free fertilizer. The chipped material is ideal for composting and can return valuable nutrients to the soil as fertilizer. This makes the purchase of expensive artificial fertilizer pointless.

Shredded material as a protection for your garden

Wood chips as a protective layer for your garden

In forests, dead plant matter serves as a natural protective layer and fertilizer for the soil. It protects the soil from leaching when it rains, from excessive drying due to sunlight in the summer, and insulates against frost in the winter. By spreading chopped material as a thin layer over the soil, you can also achieve such a protective layer in your garden. This also prevents weeds from spreading. Crops and ornamental plants are better protected from parasites and diseases. It also provides a habitat for small microorganisms that process the clippings into valuable humus. Close the cycle of nature in your garden with the use of plant residues - finely chopped, your garden will receive a rejuvenating treatment.

Turn shredded material into fertilizer

Turning chips and shreds into fertilizer

Nature demonstrates it and man has been using it for thousands of years: Compost made from chopped plant residues. With compost, the nutrients and trace elements consumed by the plants are returned to the soil. With the help of the right mixing ratio, optimal fertilizer can be produced, which makes plants grow faster and makes them more robust. The ideal ratio of carbon to nitrogen is crucial: this ranges from 25 to 1 to 30 to 1. For leaves, the ratio ranges from 30 to 1 to 60 to 1, for lawn clippings from 12 to 1 to 25 to 1, and for mixed garden waste from 20 to 1 to 60 to 1. When the composting process is complete, you get fertile soil that smells pleasantly like forest soil and provides the best foundation for healthy growth.

What can I use the shredder for

Can I shred anything?

With a DENQBAR garden shredder, you can chop almost all tree and shrub residues that accumulate in the garden. Hard material consisting of branches, twigs, hedge and shrub trimmings are no problem for our wood chippers. The DENQBAR shredders with their enormously powerful petrol engines offer a large feed hopper and a robust and efficient chipping mechanism, whose blade drum shreds even the hardest material with ease. And the adjustable discharge chute transfers the produced chippings safely in the desired direction.

DENQBAR garden shredders - for all garden sizes

Is a garden shredder useful even in a small garden?

Whether large or small - a garden shredder is worthwhile for every garden. It does not always depend on the size, but on the type of planting. Because even in small gardens, a lot of shred material accumulates if they are planted with trees, spreading shrubs, dense hedges and perennials. Especially in smaller gardens, where there is little space available for old leaves, tree or hedge trimmings, a shredder can therefore create room quickly and effortlessly. In this way, the small patch of paradise is tidied up and cared for in no time at all.

DENQBAR wood chipper - a help for all seasons

A wood chipper for all seasons

The peak season for the garden shredder is, of course, autumn. The garden is prepared for the upcoming winter so that the next gardening season can start in spring. Trees are cut to size, hedges are pruned, and shrubs are trimmed. The fallen leaves are collected and the last lawn cutting is done. In the fall, most of the plant residues occur, which can be chopped and used further. But also in spring, when it starts to bloom again, the garden is brought into shape. And in summer, rampant rose bushes and woodland vines need to be trimmed and clipped. This pruning material is then turned into valuable material for compost or chopped to produce high-quality and natural fertilizer.

Garden shredder - making good use of green waste

The shredder (also called wood chipper) is used to chop various natural materials. A garden shredder is a device that shreds plant material from tree, lawn or hedge pruning. The shredder's grinding mechanism chops, grinds and pulverizes the source material into compostable material. In this way, the garden shredder not only makes its contribution to reducing the volume of green waste that would otherwise have to be disposed of at great expense. The shredder processes this into material that can be reused as bark mulch, fertilizer or a solid foundation for composting.

Garden shredders with petrol engines offer you the advantage of electricity-independent use and more powerful shredding than electric garden shredders. With our powerful petrol wood chippers available with a 5.1 kW (7 hp) or 11 kW (15 hp) petrol engine, you can effortlessly shred almost any type of wood, branches or twigs. In terms of safety and efficiency, you can rely on your DENQBAR petrol shredder.

Garden shredder - The sustainable recycler!

If you have a DENQBAR garden shredder, you can watch how burdensome garden waste is transformed into wonderfully recyclable chippings with just a few simple steps.

Garden shredders are an essential basis for new life in any garden, because flowers, shrubs and trees only thrive in full splendor if they are supplied with sufficient minerals and micronutrients. Pruned branches, shrubs, etc. are not only chipped quickly and efficiently in the garden shredder. Properly composted, the shredded residues also form the basic material for valuable humus. That's why compost from chopped garden waste is rightly considered the oldest organic fertilizer in the world.

With the high-quality wood chippers from DENQBAR this preparatory work is particularly easy to do. This is ensured by powerful blades and counter-blades that form a perfect tandem. Together with the innovative petrol engine of the latest generation - it works very eco-friendly and still has a lot of power - all inserted tree and shrub residues are easily chipped. Experience the fascination of gardening! For nothing gladdens the heart of the passionate gardener more than his personal oasis of tranquility in harmony with nature. He will be even prouder if he has created it using only natural means. Create your green paradise - with quality products for your garden from DENQBAR.