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Garden shredder wood chipper 5.1 kW (7 hp) petrol engine DQ-0325

Garden shredder wood chipper 5.1 kW (7 hp) petrol engine DQ-0325


Garden shredder wood chipper 5.1 kW (7 hp) petrol engine DQ-0325

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Strong - efficient - sustainable!


A beautiful and well-kept garden requires a lot of attention. Hedges, shrubs and trees also need to be trimmed periodically. If you do not want to get stuck in sweaty work, the purchase of a garden shredder is the perfect solution. With the DQ-0325, branches and twigs can be shredded powerfully and quickly. The time saved is not the only enormous advantage, but also the independence from the power grid and the numerous sustainable uses for the shredded material!


DENQBAR Profi Gartenhäcksler DQ-0325

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  • smooth-running 5.1 kW (7 hp) engine of the latest generation
  • significant improvement in performance
  • more environmentally friendly with less emission compared to the predecessor models
  • max. cutting speed: approx. 2400 rpm


  • 3-way starting system: electronic ignition, easy recoil starter and choke
  • 2 drum cutters with specially hardened blades for professional and fast work
  • Drum blades with reversible cutting edges can be used a second time after turning
  • Chipping and counter blades for an optimal chipping result
  • Stable XXL-sized chassis for safe standing and mobility
  • Feed hopper with max. throughput of 100 mm diameter
  • Rotatable discharge chute with height-adjustable flap for accurate discharge, makes later transport easier and prevents blockages
  • Improved vertical feed hopper with reinforced emergency stop bracket for increased safety


  • Motor: 4-stroke air-cooled, OHV petrol engine with 5.1 kW (7 hp)
  • Displacement 212 ccm
  • max. 3600 rpm
  • Fuel capacity: Petrol (E10 suitable): 3,6 l
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Recoil starter
  • Automatic engine shutdown in case of low-oil
  • Engine stop switch

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 155 cm
  • Width: 64 cm
  • Height: 110 cm
  • Weight: approx. 100 kg

Included in delivery

  • 5,1 kW (7 hp) garden shredder DQ-0325
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Brand new - original packaging









DENQBAR garden shredder - Petrol engine of the newest generation

Petrol engine of the newest generation

The engine is the heart of every garden shredder, because even the best shredder is only as good as its drive. The DENQBAR DQ-0325 garden shredder is powered by a 4-stroke petrol engine with an output of 5.1 kW (7 hp) and a displacement of a massive 212 ccm. This engine performs its work not only quickly, but also powerfully and effectively. Even tough woody plants can be shredded with ease. This way, you can quickly and effortlessly bring tidiness back to your home garden.

Powerful and flexible shredding unit

Powerful and flexible shredding unit

Another important feature of the DQ-0325 is the special shredding unit with its integrated blade drum. Extra-sharp chipping and counter-blades ensure that the material is optimally chipped in the rotating shredding drum barrel. The knife blades move around their own axis of rotation. The advantage of a drum shredder is that it works much more efficiently than, for example, blade disc shredders. In addition, the two hardened chipper blades are equipped with reversible cutting edges, which can be easily flipped as needed. This gives you full cutting power over an enormously long period of time.

Emergency stop safety bracket

Emergency stop safety bracket

Safety at work is the absolutely most important factor for any machine. Especially with such enormously powerful machines as the DENQBAR garden shredder, it is therefore all the more important to ensure risk-free working at all times by means of integrated safety elements. Thanks to the emergency stop bracket attached to the feed hopper, the motor of the DQ-0325 can be stopped with a single movement of the hand. In addition, the handle prevents leaning over into the garden shredder. Its extra strong construction completes the optimal safety feeling. In terms of work safety, no compromises are made with this shredder!

Enhanced wide tire chassis

Enhanced wide tire chassis

Despite its size, the DENQBAR mobile garden shredder is an incredibly mobile machine. Especially in gardens, where power sockets are notoriously rare, it really comes into its own. To ensure that transporting it from A to B is a breeze, we have given this model a sturdy and extra-large chassis. Two air-filled wide tires with ball bearings are mounted on the chassis - transporting a shredder has never been easier. In addition, the chassis in XL format ensures a secure stand at all times. An absolutely reassuring feeling, especially in terms of work safety.

DENQBAR garden shredder - The perfect chop

The perfect chop

The size of the chopped material is decisive for its further use. While very finely shredded plant residues decompose quickly, coarser material remains longer. An ideal grain size is decisive for the purchase of a garden shredder. The DQ-0325 is an all-rounder - the processed material is equally suitable for mulching and composting. The DQ-0325 is an all-rounder - the chipped material is suitable for both mulching and composting, and this versatile wood chipper can easily handle hard material such as branches, twigs, hedge trimmings and undergrowth. The DENQBAR shredder can handle wood up to 100 mm in thickness. This means pure flexibility and enables the multiple sustainable use of plant residues and garden waste.

Adjustable discharge chute

Adjustable discharge chute

There is always a lot to shred in your own garden. Therefore, transporting larger quantities of shredded material is also one of the important tasks. With the DQ-0325, this becomes child's play. Thanks to the practical discharge chute, the chipped material can be targeted to where you want it and can then be transported away easily and conveniently. Thanks to its rotatable discharge chute with its adjustable discharge flap, the chipped material can be directed into a wheelbarrow or mini-dumper, which significantly reduces the amount of work required later on. No more annoying blockages and no more laborious clearing away during the chipping process.

Large feed hopper

Large feed hopper

Regular tree and hedge pruning produces quite a bit of bulky clippings. To keep the amount of work involved in shredding within reasonable limits, a spacious feed hopper is a good thing. Even large plant parts can thus be shredded without additional effort and without the need for prior cutting. Thanks to the vertical feed hopper, the chopped material can be fed in very easily. Furthermore, the hopper is equipped with a safety flap, which provides additional protection against flying chippings. In addition, the hopper can be hinged down for easy cleaning and maintenance.

How it works

Funktion des Gartenhäckslers

Not the size of the garden matters, but the nature of its planting. Garden shredders are very useful helpers to quickly and efficiently shred the imported branches, twigs and other garden waste. In DENQBAR models, these are effortlessly shredded in the blade drum by two chipping blades and a counter blade. Thanks to the flawless interaction with the specially hardened twin blades of the two chipper knives, you get impressive work results every time. Since the perfected drum technology allows more effective shredding, this petrol shredder is a true performance miracle!

The necessary power is provided by the 4-stroke petrol engine, which has been further improved compared to the previous generation. This not only offers its users pure independence, but is also particularly fast and powerful. Smart gardeners can then use the resulting shredded material as soil-improving mulch or as a source of nutrient-rich and valuable compost. With DENQBAR garden shredders you can create space and tidiness in your green paradise in no time!


The DQ-0325 garden shredder - the smart and sustainable helper for your garden

The own garden is a source of comfort and peace not only for hobby gardeners. But as we all know... no pain, no gain! Fortunately, there are a number of practical tools for gardening, of which lawn mowers, hedge trimmers or garden shredders are particularly useful. The latter should be part of the standard equipment of every ambitious gardening enthusiast for several reasons. They not only create tidiness and room in the garden. The shredded material also produces nutrient-rich compost.

DENQBAR's 5.1 kW (7 hp) garden shredder is an extremely powerful and reliable device, which at the same time can convince with its independence. At the heart of the DQ-0325 is a powerful petrol engine of the latest generation, which has significantly improved performance characteristics compared to the previous generation. The twin blades in the knife drum, with specially hardened blades shred even larger quantities of green prunings and trimmings at an impressive speed. Since this petrol-driven drum shredder completely dispenses with annoying cables, you can operate it freely anywhere in your garden.

At DENQBAR, we take great pride in the new and further development of all our products. Through the exchange with experts and not least through the feedback of our customers, we can constantly come up with new, innovative ideas and put them into practice. Convince yourself of our brand new garden shredders and the highest level of quality at a fair price!


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