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Petrol sweeper 3in1 100 cm width E-Start gear selection DQ-KM1000E

Petrol sweeper 3in1 100 cm width E-Start gear selection DQ-KM1000E


Petrol sweeper 3in1 100 cm width E-Start gear selection DQ-KM1000E

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Powerful and multifunctional: the ultimate all season sweeper!


DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E


Whether flower petals in spring, dust in summer, leaves in autumn or snow in winter - a lot of sweeping material is produced on your property at any time of the year. What at first looks like a lot of work, becomes real fun with the right companion. Because with the powerful DQ-KM1000E petrol sweeper from DENQBAR, you can tidy up your entire property and garden at lightning speed. Thanks to the impressive equipment, the collector box and the practical snow blade, this sweeper can be used flexibly - no matter what time of year it is. No more hand brushing and shoveling!



  • Sweeping width: 100 cm
  • Motor speed: 2.800 rpm
  • Brush diameter: 35 cm
  • Brush speed: 5-step, 180 - 350 rpm
  • Area coverage: approx. 4000 m²/h


  • 3 in 1 function: sweeping, collecting, clearing
  • Sweeping brushes with huge 100 cm sweeping width
  • Electric start for easy starting at the push of a button
  • Wheel drive for comfortable moving also on rough terrain
  • Variable gear selection with a total of 3 forward & 1 reverse gear for speeds up to max. 4.3 km/h
  • Swivel and height adjustable sweeping brush for more flexibility
  • Speed adjustment of the sweeping brush for maximum working results
  • Height-adjustable comfort grip for ergonomic work
  • Special tread pattern tires for perfect driving characteristics


  • Engine: 4-stroke air-cooled, OHV, 3.6 kW (5 hp)
  • Displacement: 173 ccm
  • Fuel: petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Tank capacity: 1,0 l
  • E-Start
  • Recoil starter

Dimensions & Weight

  • Operating weight: 82 kg
  • L x W x H (ready to use): 145 x 105 x 110 cm
  • Collector box L x W x H: 103.5 x 49 x 28 cm
  • Collector box capacity: 72 l
  • Snow blade L x W x H: 105 x 40 x 6 cm


  • extremely flexible working thanks to practical function modes:
    • sweeping
    • collecting
    • clearing
  • for sweeping driveways, parking lots, paths, yards and pavements
  • removes sand, gravel, wet & dry leaves, waste and mud
  • perfect for collecting dirt through the collector box
  • ideal for snow clearing thanks to the additional snow blade

Included in delivery

  • Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E
  • Collector box
  • Snow blade
  • Power supply and starter battery
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual (GE/EN/FR)
  • NEW - Original packaging



up to 4000 m²/h




Gear Selection


Wheel drive



Key features

The DENQBAR petrol sweeper with a working width of 100 cm

Huge sweeping width

A lot of dirt can build up on a large property. That's why the sweeping process should be made as effective as possible. Since a petrol sweeper with a larger working width has to cover fewer lanes than a smaller model, you can finish the job much faster. With a gigantic sweeping width of 100 cm, the high-quality DENQBAR petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E offers significantly more than other dirt sweepers which usually only bring it to 80 cm. In other words, with this high-performance machine from DENQBAR, you can sweep up to 650 m² within 10 minutes!

Quickly start the DENQBAR petrol sweeper by simply pressing the E-Start button

Electric start

With conventional sweepers, you are often out of breath even before you have started the actual sweeping work. The reason for this is the sometimes tedious and strenuous starting process using a pull-wire starter. This is annoying, but also avoidable! That's why the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E gasoline sweeper has a clever feature: the Electric Start: all you have to do is press the starter button and the powerful 3.6 kW (5 hp) petrol engine of the DENQBAR sweeper starts reliably in a blink of an eye. There's no easier way to start a motor sweeper.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - with 3-in-1 function

3-in-1 function

The DENQBAR petrol sweeper is a true all-round genius, which is especially helpful to everyone thanks to the wide range of applications and practical accessories. With the following functions, the DQ-KM1000E scores particularly well in daily use: Sweeping, collecting and clearing. The included accessories, such as the dirt collector box and the snow blade, make this motor sweeper extremely flexible to use. We present the individual functions in more detail below.

DENQBAR petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - for always clean results

Sweeping function

Only regular sweeping guarantees a clean and well-kept yard. Especially in the case of larger grounds, such as a parking lot or driveway, quite a bit of dirt builds up over time. With the high-quality and robust brushes of the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E petrol sweeper, any property will be sparkling clean in no time at all. It ensures perfect work results that are well worth seeing. This saves not only precious time, but also a lot of muscle power so you can sit back and relax and have more time for other things.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - with collector box

Collecting function

The DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E petrol sweeper with its huge 72 litres collector box offers all kinds of space to pick up plenty of dirt and leaves. This way, they are not just swept to the side, but collected in the practical waste container. There is no more need to spend time cleaning up the sweepings with a broom and then hauling them away in a sack or wheelbarrow. The collecting hopper of the DQ-KM1000E offers plenty of space, which makes further work processes extremely effective! So everything is in one place and can be disposed of quickly and easily. Particularly practical is the easy handling of emptying the collector box, which is done in just a few steps.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - the cleaning solution for all seasons, even in winter!

Clearing function

Whether in spring, summer, fall or winter, the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E sweeper can be used all year round. Thanks to the included snow blade, troublesome shoveling is also a thing of the past. Because with this practical snow removal attachment, larger amounts of snow can be quickly removed. The additionally usable sweeping brushes simultaneously remove the remaining snow and leave a clean as well as ice-free result. This is why DENQBAR's petrol sweeper is a clear winner compared to conventional snow blowers, because no additional work step is required here.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - wipes any kind of dirt away

Wheel drive

The wheel drive of the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E petrol sweeper is also extremely practical. This makes sweeping a breeze in the truest sense of the word, even on bumpy terrain such as cobblestones! Thanks to the wheel drive, this sweeper can glide easily and comfortably over any surface. This petrol-powered motorized broom is particularly flexible with its 4 different gears (3 forward, 1 reverse), which is why it can be handled with ease. The pneumatic wheels with the perfect tread pattern also ensure the best driving characteristics. This makes sweeping work fast, effective and effortless.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - smart and flexibel thanks to 5-step adjustable sweeping angle

Swivel sweeping brush

With the DENQBAR petrol driven sweeper, you can perform your sweeping work extremely skillfully. The swiveling brush is another quality feature of the DQ-KM1000E. Thanks to the 5-step adjustable sweeping angle, the brushes can be pivoted by up to 25° on each side, which makes very flexible working possible. The swept material can be brushed variably in different directions, for example to the side of the road. This means that the right angle can be set on the sweeper quickly and effectively for every application.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - gets effortlessly into every joint

Height-adjustable sweeping brush

In addition to the classic sweeping process, the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E sweeper comes with yet another practical feature: the height-adjustable sweeping brush. This feature allows the user to decide how hard the brushes should touch the ground. Thanks to the built-in crank, the height of the sweeping brush roll can be adjusted in just a few simple steps. Thus, a lower brush position is particularly practical when cleaning joints. For ordinary dirt, the brushes can simply be cranked up again in no time at all. Thus, the DENQBAR motor sweeper will produce true cleaning miracles in any situation!

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - clean results in a flash

Speed regulation of the sweeping brush

For particularly large areas, you naturally want to achieve a clean result in the shortest possible time. The interaction between the speed of the wheel drive and the speed of the sweeping brushes plays a major role here. Depending on the degree of dirt, it is therefore essential to adjust the speed of the sweeping brush. For example, in the case of large and heavily soiled areas, it is possible to rotate the brushes faster and at the same time use the full speed of the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E sweeper. Thus, even a large parking lot is clean again in a flash with this petrol sweeper.

DENQBAR Petrol sweeper DQ-KM1000E - practical height adjustment makes the work ergonomic and healthy

Control handle with height adjustment

A healthy posture is essential for pleasant and effective sweeping work. For this reason, the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E petrol sweeper has a handlebar with a practical height adjustment. This makes sweeping with this motorized broom easy for both shorter and taller people. The user can choose between 3 different height settings, which can be adjusted in an instant depending on the individual body size. The special feel of the grip handles and the easily accessible button for the practical E-Start function make the DENQBAR motor sweeper an ergonomic overall package.

Sweeping leaves

The new DENQBAR Petrol Sweeper DQ-0307

The DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E petrol sweeper shines with perfect sweeping results every time. This is ensured by the powerful petrol engine, which has a maximum output of 3.6 kW (5 HP). Not even dirty sidewalks and snow-covered driveways stand a chance against this concentrated power. This high-end sweeper has a gigantic sweeping width of 100 cm, so that even extremely large properties and parking lots are swept in a flash. And starting a sweeper has never been so comfortable: Just press the starter button and you're ready to go!

The DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E petrol-powered sweeper gives you complete independence and eliminates the need for cumbersome power cords and batteries. This powerful machine sweeps extremely flexible and carefully, even if there is no power outlet nearby. Thanks to the practical wheel drive and the variable selection of 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear, this sweeper is particularly easy to move around at a maximum speed of 4.3 km/h. Unlike most motor sweeper models, the DQ-KM1000E with its air-filled tires can be pushed completely without a running engine. This has proven to be particularly practical when it comes to swift maneuvering, for example in the garage.

The DENQBAR petrol sweeper is particularly versatile thanks to the included accessories, no matter what time of year. With the practical collector box, which holds up to 72 liters, tedious reworking is a thing of the past. The matching snow blade attachment is also included, so that even snow and ice can be removed quickly and effectively. The swivel and height-adjustable sweeping brushes make it child's play to adapt the machine to different environments. At the same time, the adjustable handlebar height ensures ergonomic and comfortable work. The robust construction of high-quality steel of the DENQBAR DQ-KM1000E sweeper guarantees a long service life. No plastic sweeper can compete with this!

Sweeping leaves
DENQBAR - always a clean sweep