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Petrol Sweeper

Petrol Sweeper

Large width, high efficiency

If you decide to buy a sweeper, you should pay particular attention to the working width. A large sweeping width and a powerful engine make it extremely easy to remove dirt, leaves and snow from yards, driveways, sidewalks and even larger areas such as parks and squares. All the dirt accumulated in the outdoor area is a feast for the all-round sweeping miracle from DENQBAR. If you have a large garden or property, cleaning up with a conventional street broom quickly becomes a sweaty exercise. This is where a petrol-driven sweeper comes into its own and offers a decisive advantage: the enormous sweeping width.

Wheel drive makes it a true self-runner

With conventional hand sweepers, cobblestones and other uneven terrain quickly pose a real challenge. With a petrol-powered sweeper with practical wheel drive, any surface can be mastered effortlessly. Pneumatic tires with a special profile ensure top handling even in slippery conditions. The DENQBAR Petrol sweeper offers a choice of 4 gears that allow the motorized broom to move both forwards and backwards. Sweeping jobs are thus mastered in no time at all and without any sweat.

Sweeper with 3-in-1 function - one machine for all seasons!

An extremely practical feature is the 3-in-1 function of the motor sweeper. Thanks to its sweeping, collecting and snow removal functions, it can be used all year round. High-quality and robust bristles remove heavy and persistent dirt or, especially in autumn, wet and heavy leaves without much effort. Thanks to the easy-to-mount snow blade, the garage driveway or the entire yard is cleared of slush and snow even in deep winter. A big collector with a gigantic volume also offers enough capacity for a larger cleaning operation.

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DENQBAR petrol sweeper - the all-round solution for leaves, dirt and snow

Prepared for all seasons - with the multifunctional sweeping miracle from DENQBAR, you get the perfect solution to keep your outdoor areas such as yard, driveway, sidewalks and parking lots well-maintained at all times. This in any weather and at any time of the year.

Sweeping, collecting and snow clearing made easy! With the 3.6 kW (5 hp) petrol engine, you can create excellent clearing results with ease, even on surfaces that are not paved and uneven. The high-quality and extremely robust sweeping brushes, the convenient collector with its gigantic capacity and the enormously practical snow blade make this high-performance machine more than just a sweeper. Get through the whole year comfortably and without effort with the DENQBAR petrol sweeper - your hot tool even for the cold months!