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1 litre DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER 10W-40 LL

1 litre DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER 10W-40 LL

€21.95 (1  liter  | €21.95 / liter)

1 litre DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER 10W-40 LL

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1  liter  | €21.95 / liter
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1 litre DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER 10W-40 LL

Nothing works in an engine without suitable oil, since it fulfils several essential tasks. Firstly, the moving parts in the engine (pistons, etc.) are lubricated so that mechanical friction is reduced to a minimum. Secondly, components that become hot during engine running are cooled down . Continuous oil lubrication also counteracts corrosion. Last but not least, the engine is well cleaned from the inside, as the oil transports away ash and soot. A good engine oil is therefore indispensable for full performance and a long product life.

The DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER is a high-performance low friction engine oil based on a HC synthetic base, which has been specially developed for the requirements of DENQBAR engines. Consciously selected, highly effective additives give this high-performance smooth-running engine oil outstanding characteristics. Whether inverter power generator, compactor plate, garden shredder or high-pressure washer - DENQBAR products are running smoothly with this high-quality oil.

Highest demands in terms of performance, reliability and efficiency - with these characteristics the 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER engine oil fits perfectly to the 4-stroke petrol engines, which are the heart of all DENQBAR industrial and garden equipment. This engine oil also has the best running qualities, because cold start wearing is effectively counteracted, even in the freezing winter. But even professional use in midsummer is no problem for the 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER engine oil. Reduction of fuel consumption - in practice, a reduction of up to 2% can be expected.

The DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER comes to the customer in an 1-litre container. The practical pull-up cap ensures a simple and clean filling process. This makes refilling spill-free and completely without oil cans.

100 % pure quality as 100 % Made in Germany. Order this engine oil with your DENQBAR product! For the love of your engine.


  • Low friction engine oil HC synthesis base SAE 10W-40
  • 100 % Made in Germany
  • less wear due to shorter lubrication time
  • Fuel savings due to lower inherent friction
  • prevents the accumulation of deposits, corrosion and black sludge
  • excellent cold start characteristics
  • suitable for all modern 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines
  • also suitable for cars and transporters with turbochargers
  • High pull cap for easy and clean filling

Technical data:

  • Content: 1 litre
  • Density at 15 °C: 0.867 kg/l
  • Viscosity at 40 °C: 92.0 mm²/s
  • Viscosity at 100 °C: 13.8 mm²/s
  • Viscosity index: 152
  • Pourpoint: -39 °C
  • flammability point (COC): 220 °C

These values are average values and may vary within the scope of the standard.

Quality level:

  • ACEA A3/B4


  • 1 litre DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER 10W-40 LL
  • special pull-up cap

The Waste Oil Regulation obliges us to take back used combustion engine oils and gear oils. You can therefore return the quantity of used oil that you have purchased from us to us at any time. Please send your waste oil at your own expense to the following address:

Longuyoner Str. 14
01796 Pirna

Make sure to label your waste oil shipment as dangerous goods and to use suitable containers. Of course, you can also dispose of your waste at a recycling point, disposal company or waste oil collection point. (building or recycling yard, disposal service provider, etc.) in your neighbourhood.