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Garden shredder wood chipper 11 kW (15 hp) petrol engine DQ-0326

Garden shredder wood chipper 11 kW (15 hp) petrol engine DQ-0326


Garden shredder wood chipper 11 kW (15 hp) petrol engine DQ-0326

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Performance and mobility - the new powerful garden shredder!


The lush greenery in the garden is a beautiful sight, but without regular maintenance can quickly turn into a lot of work. But what to do with the remaining cuttings? Whether hedge and tree trimmings, shrubs, perennials, faded flowers or leaves, DENQBAR's husky 11 kW (15 hp) garden shredder turns them into valuable chips of wood and plants in no time at all. At the same time, the shredded material is also very useful for your own garden, as it is ideal for mulching beds and hedges. The DENQBAR shredder not only protects the environment, but also your own wallet! With this professional garden tool from DENQBAR you can create space and clean up your garden in no time!


DENQBAR garden shredder DQ-0326

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  • smooth-running 11 kW (15 hp) engine of the latest generation
  • significant improvement in performance
  • more environmentally friendly with less emission compared to the predecessor models
  • max. cutting speed: approx. 2000 rpm


  • 3-way starting system: electronic ignition, easy recoil starter and choke
  • 2 drum cutters with specially hardened blades for professional and fast work
  • Drum blades with reversible cutting edges can be used a second time after turning
  • Chipping and counter blades for an optimal chipping result
  • Stable XXL-sized chassis for safe standing and mobility
  • Feed hopper with max. throughput of 120 mm diameter
  • Rotatable discharge chute with height-adjustable flap for accurate discharge, makes later transport easier and prevents blockages
  • Improved vertical feed hopper with reinforced emergency stop bracket for increased safety
  • Including tow bar and foldable stand for greater mobility
  • Pre-installed document bag for storage of operating instructions & maintenance books


  • Motor: 4-stroke air-cooled, OHV petrol engine with 11 kW (15 hp)
  • Displacement 420 ccm
  • max. 3600 rpm
  • Fuel capacity: Petrol (E10 suitable): 6.5 l
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Recoil starter
  • Automatic engine shutdown in case of low-oil
  • Engine stop switch

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 198 cm (without drawbar), 268 cm (with drawbar)
  • Width: 79 cm
  • Height: 143 cm
  • Weight: approx. 180 kg

Included in delivery

  • 11 kW (15 hp) garden shredder DQ-0326
  • Tow bar
  • Document bag
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • Brand new - original packaging

High power








DENQBAR garden shredder - Petrol engine of the newest generation

Improved engine for even more power

The chipping unit of a garden shredder is only as good as its drive. Therefore, the engine is the heart of the garden shredder. A 4-stroke petrol engine with a powerful output of 11 kW (15 hp) provides the necessary strength in the DQ-0326. This allows the shredder to grind even stubborn clippings quickly, powerfully and effectively. This makes strenuous work a thing of the past and you will quickly see land in your own garden again. This next-generation engine is even more environmentally friendly than its predecessors, sending a strong signal for even lower emissions.

Powerful and flexible shredding unit

Double-sided blades inside

The DENQBAR DQ-0326 garden shredder cuts material with the help of especially sharp, rotating chipping and counter-blades and a powerful petrol engine. The blades are coated with a special alloy and are therefore much more robust and durable than other models. With regular shredding of wood and other green waste, the blades wear out over time. However, as the name suggests, the reversible blades can simply be turned after use and still be reused. This feature is extremely practical and saves you money.

Emergency stop safety bracket

Safe working at any time

When working with heavy garden equipment, safety is a top priority! Therefore, integrated safety elements ensure the best possible protection when working with the powerful DENQBAR blade shredder. For example, the engine stops immediately when the emergency stop bracket is activated and also protects against leaning over into the shredder, which can quickly become dangerous. No compromises should be made when it comes to work safety, which is why the handle has been designed to be extra strong to ensure absolute safety at all times.

Enhanced wide tire chassis

Secure stability and easy transport

Despite its bulky appearance, the DENQBAR DQ-0326 garden shredder impresses with its mobility. This proves to be a great advantage, especially on uneven terrain. The sturdy chassis, the tow bar with trailer hitch and the two ball-bearing and air-filled wide tires allow easy, carefree maneuvering. In addition, the foldable stand provides a neatly firm footing during work and does not interfere during transport. Two attached handles additionally serve for easier loading and unloading of the garden shredder.

DENQBAR garden shredder - The perfect chop

Sustainable chipping for mulch or compost

The size of the shredded material is crucial for its further use. While very finely chipped plant matter decomposes quickly, coarser material is retained for longer. An ideal grain size is therefore decisive for the purchase of a garden shredder. The DQ-0326 is an impressive all-rounder, as the shredded material is equally suitable for mulching and composting. In addition, this versatile shredder easily devours hard material such as branches, twigs, hedge trimmings and undergrowth. Wood up to 120 mm thick is no problem for the shredder. This means pure flexibility and opens up new possibilities for sustainable gardening.

Adjustable discharge chute

Variably adjustable discharge

After shredding is before mulching. With a large quantity of chopped material, the transport can quickly become sweaty. One solution is the discharge flap, which can be aligned as required, preventing discharge from both sides and clogging of the shredder. On the other hand, there is the discharge chute, the upper part of which can be rotated, thus enabling flexible lateral alignment. This allows the plant shreds to be transported directly and without much effort into a wheelbarrow or other means of transport (e.g. our DENQBAR Mini-Dumper).

Extra large feed hopper

Extra large feed hopper

If the material to be shredded is more bushy or reluctant, many shredders reach their limits. With the DENQBAR wood chipper, this is a thing of the past! The extra large vertical feed hopper makes feeding much easier. The powerful 11 kW (15 hp) shredder can take up cuttings with a diameter of up to 12 centimeters and shred them in no time at all. The cover flap protects you from any parts that may break off and snap back during feeding. In addition, easy maintenance and cleaning is made simple by the practical tilting down of the hopper.

How it works

How the shredder works

It is commonly felt that a garden shredder only pays for itself in a large garden. But it is not the size that matters, but the type of planting. Garden shredders are extremely practical helpers for chipping branches, twigs and other plant travel accumulating in the garden, for example, after tree or shrub pruning, and then reintroduce them into the natural cycle. In DENQBAR's shredder models, these are effortlessly shredded in the blade drum by two chipper blades and a counter-blade, and processed into perfect chaff by the perfect interplay of the specially hardened twin blades. The newly perfected blade drum technology enables even more effective results and makes this garden shredder a true performance miracle!

The 4-stroke petrol engine, which has been further improved compared to the previous generation, delivers sufficient power for all shredding work - so you can achieve the best results in the shortest possible time without any effort. The resulting chippings can then be used as mulch to achieve an even healthier soil or as the basis for nutrient-rich and valuable compost. With the DENQBAR garden shredders, you can thus restore order to your dream garden in no time at all!


The DQ-0326 garden shredder - innovations based on nature's example

With the DQ-0326 garden shredder, you will not only transform your garden into a green paradise, but your wallet will also be relieved. The shredding process reduces the volume of garden waste by up to 75%, so the clippings can disappear into the organic garbage can in a much more space-saving manner. But ideally, the shredded material can also be reused in other ways, such as a starting point for valuable compost that returns essential nutrients to the soil. Gone are the days when you had to laboriously haul in artificial fertilizer!

When it comes to convenience, you don't have to do without even the bulky DQ-0326. The vertical feed hopper makes for easy insertion, and with the intake of up to 12 centimeters in diameter, even bushy material is shredded effortlessly. The mobility of the discharge chute and discharge flap help to eject the shredded material in a targeted manner. Ball-bearing wheels and a tow bar with trailer coupling (transport drawbar) ensure full mobility.

Of course, your safety is our top priority! A special clutch for easy and safe starting, the improved safety feed hopper with emergency stop bracket and the engine stop switch ensure safe shredding. In addition, the stable chassis in XXL size promises a firm footing.

Discover the new generation of garden shredders from DENQBAR!


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