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Mini Dumper / power barrow caterpillar drive 500 kg DQ-0290

Mini Dumper / power barrow caterpillar drive 500 kg DQ-0290


Mini Dumper / power barrow caterpillar drive 500 kg DQ-0290

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Strong as a bear with enormous transport capacity: the comfortable transport genius

A mini dumper, the little brother of the dump truck, so to speak, is a valuable helper in home gardens, on construction sites or in professional landscaping and horticulture, as it creates space and order. With this construction equipment, no excavation is too large to be removed quickly and effectively. But the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 is also a valuable support in many other situations. As a so-called caterpillar dumper, it has a chain drive so that it offers excellent driving stability even in difficult terrain.


DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290



Performance & Weight

  • max. Payload: 500 kg
  • Weight: 260 kg
  • Transmission: 3 forward gears / 1 Reverse gear
  • 1. Gear: ca. 1,7 km/h
  • 2. Gear: ca. 3 km/h
  • 3. Gear: ca. 3,9 km/h
  • R. Gear: ca. 1,2 km/h


  • 3-way starting aid: electronic ignition, easy-recoil starter and Choke
  • huge transport tub
  • massive steel construction
  • hydraulically assisted tipping for a comfortable unloading process
  • perfect mobility in any terrain thanks to the chain drive


  • Motor: 4-cycle, air cooled, OHV petrol engine 6,6 kW (9 HP)
  • Displacement: 270 ccm
  • Gasoline: Petrol, E10 suitable
  • Tank capacity: 6,0 l
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Recoil starter
  • Automatic shut-off / oil level sensor


  • Length: 160 cm
  • Width: 72 cm
  • Hight: 99 cm
  • Transport tub L x W x H: 95 x 68 x 46,5 cm
  • Chain width: 18 cm


  • to transport rubble and debris
  • for loading with concrete blocks
  • for better transport of woody plants
  • suitable for all bulky materials
  • ideal for use in domestic gardens, on building sites or in professional landscaping and gardening

Included In Delivery

  • Mini Dumper DQ-0290
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • New – Original packaging

Operating weight

500 kg




Suitable for

off-road use



6,6 kW (9 HP)


Transport up to 500 kg payload with the DENQBAR Mini Dumper

Giant dump body

Whether building contractors, professional garden and landscape designers, advanced operations or private property owners: Everyone knows the problem, if large masses of excavation or material must be transported. Because working with conventional wheelbarrows is not only tedious and laborious, but it also goes quite well to the physical substance. The perfect solution is the DENQBAR DQ-0290 Mini Dumper! With its huge dump body, up to a gigantic 500 kg of soil, crushed stone, gravel, wood, stones, concrete, tools or other building materials can be transported in one go and without any physical effort.

DENQBAR Mini Dumper with practical caterpillar drive

Caterpillar drive

The soil conditions on construction sites, in the forest or on large garden plots are usually rather poor. Nasty gradients, mud, stones, roots and other obstacles make the material transport extremely tedious. With a conventional wheelbarrow, you quickly reach your limits. With the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 all you will carry is a weary smile! The clever caterpillar drive of this crawler dumper guarantees the best possible traction at all times without sinking into the ground, thanks to the particularly low wing loading. That is why the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 masters any terrain with ease!

Powerful DENQBAR Power Motor

Extreme performance

The DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 has built in its very powerful 6.6 kW (9 hp) 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, which is bursting with power. Up to a gigantic 500 kg of material can be transported in just one load. Even the largest piles of gravel or earth disappear in no time. Of course, even heavy paving stones, gravel, wood, concrete or tools can be transported elegantly and without great effort over long distances in this way. Due to the enormous performance of the DENQBAR chain dumper DQ-0290, the work is done effectively and almost effortless in no time.

DENQBAR Mini Dumper with hydraulic tilting device

Hydraulic dump

Not only the actual transport process, but also the unloading process is extremely convenient with the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290. It is made possible by the fully hydraulic tipping skip. Thanks to this practical feature, the lifting and lowering process takes place in a matter of seconds and the transported goods simply slide out of the tray - without having to help with a shovel. With the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290, the transport tray moves up and down automatically without any muscle power. To do this, simply press a small lever and the unloading process is done in an instant. This dumper promises pure ease of use!

DENQBAR Mini Dumper with ergonimic handlebar grips

Maximum manoeuvrability

Normal wheelbarrows not only have a small load volume, they also require a lot of physical effort if they are used over a long period of time. In addition, conventional wheelbarrows are awkward to steer and guide due to their rigid guide handles. The DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 offers the perfect answer to this problem! Thanks to the intuitive handlebar grip with its easily accessible controls, the mobile chain dumper is always under control. This makes guiding this mini dumper easy and comfortable - even through narrow passages or rough terrain.

DENQBAR Mini Dumper fits even through the narrowest gap

Narrow passage width

The DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 is a real transport genius. Thanks to its power and the huge transport tray, a gigantic 500 kg of material can be transported with just one load. Nevertheless, this construction machine is anything but a chunky block! This caterpillar dumper impresses with its extremely narrow passage width of just 72 cm so that transport can be carried out quickly and easily even into the most remote corners. This means that no passage or forest path is too narrow for the DQ-0290. Even a normal door with the standard width of 80 cm is absolutely no obstacle. This guarantees that the transported goods always arrive where they should.

Function of the Mini Dumper

DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290: As easy to transport as it is to unload.

Simply release the hydraulically-assisted tipping device and, poof, the goods to be transported are on the ground within seconds.

It can´t be easier!

Mini Dumper underground 1

DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290

Whenever you want to remodel your own garden on a large scale, you face the following problem: How do you get the enormous mountains of excavated material transported away most easily? But those employed in construction and landscaping are also facing these challenges on a daily basis. How good that the DENQBAR DQ-0290 Mini Dumper is available! With its powerful 6.6 kW (9 hp) gasoline engine and the huge dump body it is able to transport up to gigantic 500 kg of goods (e.g. earth, debris, concrete, stones, wood, gravel, bulky tools) can be transported over long distances without great effort.

This is where the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 comes in handy! With its powerful 6.6 kW (9 PS) petrol engine and generously dimensioned trough, it offers the best conditions for transporting up to 500 kg of goods (e.g. earth, rubble, concrete, stones, wood, bulky tools etc.) over long distances in no time at all.

This caterpillar dumper is the purest bundle of power. At the same time, however, attention in the design was also paid to perfect manoeuvrability: thanks to the four gears (three forward gears and one reverse gear) the manoeuvrability can always be optimally achieved everywhere. The caterpillar drive and intuitive handlebar grip of the DQ-0290 mini dumper ensure that this dumper can be guided safely and confidently even on muddy surfaces. So the annoying driving on wet and soft soils is finally a thing of the past.

The DENQBAR DQ-0290 Mini Dumper offers a particularly practical feature: a fully hydraulic tilting device. This increases the user comfort even more. With this robust construction machine, even the biggest transport challenges succeed quickly and easily. So the work is almost fun! Of course, the DQ-0290 Mini Dumper has the same excellent price-performance ratio as all our other products. Because you know: DENQBAR – that’s how it's done!

Mini Dumper underground 2