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Tamping rammer / trench compactor 82 kg DQ-0286

Tamping rammer / trench compactor 82 kg DQ-0286


Tamping rammer / trench compactor 82 kg DQ-0286

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Perfect performance data and high mobility: the agile powerhouse

If compacting is to be carried out effectively in particularly confined areas, it is best to use the DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0286! It impresses with its extremely compact design, so that it is ideally suited even for use in narrow trenches and canals. Thanks to the slim design and the low center of gravity, guiding the device is easy and intuitive. That is why the handling is immediately second nature to absolute construction professionals and hobby craftsmen alike.


DENQBAR professional tamping rammer DQ-0286



Performance & Weight

  • Operating Weight: 82 kg
  • Centrifugal force: 14 kN / ca. 1428 kg
  • Compaction depth: up to 50 cm
  • Stroke rate: up to 720 strokes/min
  • Stroke on the tamping plate: up to 85 mm


  • 3-way starting aid: electronic ignition, easy-recoil starter and Choke
  • Excellent propulsion and compaction properties
  • Highly resilient, robust protective frame
  • Integrated transport wheels for fast transport
  • Vibration-dampened handle with low hand-arm vibrations
  • Exhaust gas discharge to the side away from the user


  • Engine: 4-cycle, air cooled, OHV petrol engine 4.8 kW (6.5 HP)
  • Cubic capacity: 196 ccm
  • Fuel: Unleaded gasoline
  • Tank capacity 2,8 l
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Recoil starter


  • Operating width: 290 mm
  • Highly wear-resistant base plate: 34 x 29 cm


  • Tight spaces and small construction sites
  • Use in sewer works and trenches
  • Piping and backfillings
  • Repair work in road and path construction
  • Contour work right up to the house wall
  • Suitable for loose, granular soils and gravel

Included In Delivery

  • Tamping rammer DQ-0286
  • Wheel kit included
  • Spare air filter
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual (DE/EN/FR)
  • New – Original packaging

Operating weight

82 kg

Centrifugal force

14 kN

Compaction depth

50 cm

Stroke rate

720 strokes/min

Main features

Compact anywhere with the DENQBAR tamping rammer, even when things get tight

Universal use character

The DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0286 is ideal for compaction work on smaller construction sites. Due to its slim design and compact dimensions, it is particularly powerful in tight spaces. For example working right up to the wall or in trenches are child's play for the DQ-0286. The DENQBAR DQ-0286 tamping rammer can also be used to create terraces and piping, for road repair work and for backfilling. The possible uses are so extensive that this robust construction device will never gather dust in the garage after just one use.

DENQBAR tamping rammer easy to use

Intuitive and comfortable operation

Due to the compact design and the easy handling, working with the DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0286 is easy for professionals and newcomers alike. The low centre of gravity of the DQ-0286 also contributes to this, as it significantly increases the stability. The vibration-damped guide bar guarantees pleasant and effective work. In addition, this is cleverly fitted to the device in a ring shape. For example, compaction work in narrow trenches is carried out practically as if by itself, as the own position on the vibration rammer can be quickly adapted to local circumstances.

DENQBAR tamping rammer with a lifting bar

Maximum mobility

The DENQBAR DQ-0286 tamping rammer impresses with its tremendous manoeuvrability during work. The perfectly designed construction guarantees an extremely strong stroke and propulsion of the machine. Further meaningful equipment details of the DQ-0286 increase the mobility factor again. On the one hand, a lifting bar ensures that the tamping rammer can be lowered into trenches in no time at all – and after the work is done, it will of course be lifted up again just as quickly. The DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0285 is also delivered complete with a transport chassis. This makes the transport from A to B particularly fast and easy.

DENQBAR tamping rammer with large stroke and high stamping frequency

Large stroke and very good propulsion

The large stroke of up to 65 mm, the enormous stamping frequency (approx. 700 beats per minute) and the fast forward movement form a perfect dynamic trio. With these convincing performance characteristics, perfect work results are guaranteed at all times - and with almost any type of soil. This sturdy and manoeuvrable tamping rammer does work on coarse-grain, mixed-grain or cohesive soils (e.g. topsoil, earth and clay) without any problems. Thanks to the rapid advance, everything goes so quickly that you can soon devote yourself to new construction projects.


tamping rammer background 1

DENQBAR professional tamping rammer DQ-0286 with 82 kg

The DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0286 is sufficiently light enough with its operating weight of 82 kg to be able to handle it effortlessly. The strikingly narrow design and the low centre of gravity also contribute to great mobility and ease of operation. Nevertheless, the powerful 4.8 kW (6.5 HP) four-stroke petrol engine can generate the enormous compression pressure of a whopping 14 kN. Or in short: The DQ-0286 offers its user a perfect symbiosis of convincing performance characteristics and easy handling!

The other technical characteristics are also convincing: The large stroke of up to 85 mm, the enormous ramming frequency (approx. 700 beats per minute) and the rapid advance contribute to perfect compaction results at all times. With these performance features, the DQ-0286 is predestined for use on small construction sites and confined spaces as well as in trench and sewer construction. But repair work on streets and paths as well as contour work right up to the house wall are easily possible with this robust construction machine.

From coarse-grained to mixed-grained to cohesive soils - the DENQBAR tamping rammer DQ-0286 masters all challenges with ease. The vibration-damped guide handle enables comfortable guidance so that work can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The sling bar is at least as practical. Thanks to him, the rammer is lowered into trenches in no time at all and then brought up again. For everyone who is interested in performance, intuitive operation and mobility at a fair price, there is no getting around the DQ-0286!

tamping rammer background 2