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The DENQBAR lawn mower guide

DENQBAR Guide - Which lawn mower suits me best?

Which lawn mower suits me best?

FRegular mowing is essential for a healthy, beautiful lawn. However, the range of lawn mowers on the market is as varied as it is confusing. The first task is to decide on the drive. Petrol, electric or cordless? DENQBAR gives you an overview in this guide to help you make the right choice for you.

Choosing the best lawn mower for your purposes depends on a number of key factors. It is therefore important to ask yourself the following questions before buying:

  • How big is my lawn?
  • How much time do I want to invest in mowing?
  • What is the nature of the terrain?

Electric lawn mower (up to 300 sqm)

Electric lawn mowers are the cheapest option for your wallet. With a moderate noise level, environmentally friendly and low consumption, electric mowers are absolute lightweights in many respects.

But: they are corded. Either you have one or more outdoor sockets or you are dependent on an extension (cable drum etc.). This is still an option for smaller lawns - but it quickly becomes a hassle for lawns larger than 300 m². In addition, the cable tends to get in the way when moving and maneuvering the machine, gets tangled up in obstacles and can even be mowed over.

Electric lawn mowers are also generally very limited in terms of the available cutting width (around 30 to 40 cm).

Electric lawn mower

Cordless lawn mower

Cordless rechargeable lawn mower (up to 500 sqm)

In terms of environmental compatibility and sustainability in particular, there is obviously a lot to be said for a cordless lawn mower. There is no need for a cable, it works very quietly and produces no exhaust fumes. Most of the mowers currently available rely on powerful lithium-ion batteries, are very lightweight and therefore easy to handle and maintain. However, these mowers quickly reach their limits.

A battery needs to be charged before use. This means that spontaneous use after the lawn mower has been out of action for a long time is hardly possible. And charging times mean a break. Depending on the manufacturer, you will need between 30 and 300 minutes to fully charge a battery. What's more, when you buy such a lawn mower, it usually does not come with a battery and/or charger.

Depending on the device, a maximum of 500 square meters of lawn can be covered with one battery charge. The mileage also depends on the nature of the terrain to be mowed. Too many bumps and slopes also have a negative effect on the running time.

Petrol lawn mower (for areas up to 3,000 sqm)

Those who want power and endurance are still best off with a classic petrol lawn mower. Slopes or high and damp grass are no problem for these powerhouses with their economical four-stroke engines. Fill up the tank once, pull the cord or operate the electric starter and nothing stands in the way of a well-tended lawn (even over large areas).

Although they are heavier in weight and handling and less environmentally friendly than the battery and electric models mentioned above, they are all the more variable in terms of working widths and powerful in terms of traction.

In any case, a petrol lawn mower makes you independent of the power grid and, with regular maintenance, is very durable. They have a wide range of functions and reach and are extremely mobile and can tackle even the bumpiest areas in the deepest corners of your garden - without much effort thanks to the wheel drive, GT gearbox and ball-bearing big wheels.

Petrol lawn mower

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