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Mini Dumper

Mini Dumper
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DENQBAR Mini Dumper – powerful and user-friendly transport solutions for every challenge

DENQBAR expands its range of construction machines! With two mini dumper models (300 kg and 500 kg payload) the manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and robust garden and industrial equipment consolidates his position as an experienced and competent construction machine specialist on the German market.

A mini dumper is a very practical thing, as it were the little brother of a dumper. In no time at all, he cleans up in domestic gardens, on construction sites or in professional landscaping and gardening! With a DENQBAR mini dumper, no amount excavated earth is too large to be transported away quickly and conveniently. But the list of possible applications, where a DENQBAR Mini Dumper can shine through its valuable help, can be continued at will. So for example also concrete, debris, stones, wood, gravel, building materials or bulky tools can be transported without large expenditure from A to B. In the following the two powerful DENQBAR Mini Dumpers are introduced in more detail.


DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0289 – the dynamic transport wonder

This motor wheelbarrow is an absolute bundle of power. With the strong 4.8 kW (6.5 hp) petrol engine of the latest generation and the generously dimensioned dump body, the DENQBAR DQ-0289 Mini Dumper is able to transport up to 300 kg over long distances in just one load.

A total of four gears (three forward gears and  one reverse gear) ensure very good manoeuvrability. The four air-filled off-road tires and all-wheel drive also contribute to the first-class mobility characteristics of the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0289. Thus this robust wheel dumper masters even rough terrain sovereign. Even gradients of up to 20° are no problem for the DQ-0289.


DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 - the strong transport genius

Is there anything more to do? With the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290, we have the right answer in our range! Because with this robust construction machine, even the greatest transport challenges can be handled quickly and easily. The powerful 6.6 kW (9 HP) petrol engine and the huge dump body offer perfect conditions for transporting up to a gigantic 500 kg of goods in just one go

Thanks to the sophisticated caterpillar drive, the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 offers its user perfect mobility in any terrain. The four gears and the intuitive handlebar grip also have an extremely positive influence on its maneuvering properties. This means that this chain dumper can be operated confidently and safely even on muddy ground.

As a particularly practical equipment detail, the DENQBAR Mini Dumper DQ-0290 has a fully hydraulic tipping skip. This further increases user comfort, especially when unloading.

Whether tamping rammers, plate compactors or mini dumpers: The robust construction machines from DENQBAR offer tailor-made solutions from a single source for every situation in life. The mini dumpers stand out as particularly valuable and practical helpers that you will never want to do without again. With them, even the most ambitious transport projects can be carried out in no time - whether on professional construction sites, in domestic gardens or in landscaping and horticulture. With this active support, the work is almost fun! Of course, both motorized wheelbarrows impress with the same unbeatable price-performance ratio for which the strong DENQBAR brand has become known.

DENQBAR Mini Dumper - a mobility miracle

DENQBAR Mini Dumpers are real wonder weapons when it comes to the quick and easy transport of earth, rubble, concrete, stones, wood, gravel or other building materials over long distances. But even bulky tools are no challenge for these dynamic transport wonders. This is why DENQBAR mini-dumpers are a clear benefit as practical and helpful transport solutions for every construction site. It does not play a role whether it is about professional large-scale construction sites or larger projects in gardening and landscaping.

The customer has two proven models to choose from. The DENQBAR DQ-0289 Mini Dumper has an all-wheel drive and can carry up to 300 kg of freight. Its big brother, the DENQBAR DQ-0290 Mini Dumper, can even handle 500 kg. In addition, this top-of-the-range model features a caterpillar drive and a hydraulic dump body, which significantly increases user comfort.