professionell plate compactor with 340 kg DQ-0247
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professionell plate compactor with 340 kg DQ-0247

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DENQBAR Professional Plate Compactor DQ- 0247 with 340 kg

Choosing the DENQBAR DQ-0247 means choosing the non-plus ultra! This model weighs full 340 kg. The impressive 13-HP engine of the latest generation and the powerful exciter system ensure the perfect drive with 3,800 vibrations per minute. The ultimate compression pressure of 42 kN ensures best results. Just the perfect plate compactor for even the most demanding surface conditions.

340 kg

42 kN

90 cm

760 m²/h

Main features

DENQBAR Rüttelplatte mit Polyurethanmatte für Pflasterarbeiten

Polyurethane paving pad

For levelling laid paving stones, a paving pad is necessary as it avoids scratches, flaking of material and other similar problems. Just put it between plate and surface. The abrasion-resistant and dimensionally stable DENQBAR paving pads are the best solution! Top of the line, we enclose a free polyurethane mat to the delivery! With this set you have smartly saved and are able to start working immediately. Furthermore, the installation of the paving pad is very simple as the plate compactor already provides the accurate boreholes and includes the necessary fixing material in delivery. You just have to move the machine onto the pre-drilled paving pad and then fix it with nuts and screws.

reversierbare DENQBAR Rüttelplatte mit Vor- und Rücklauf

Reversible Plate Compactor

By definition, a reversible plate compactor is capable of going forward and backward. Reversibility eases changing the driving direction and therefore it provides a simpler handling for the user. Just use the guide lever on the handle grip at DENQBAR plate compactors. Especially when using heavy plate compactors (models over 130 kg) and in confined spaces (eg in sewers, ditches and track construction, reversibility is the key. A reversible plate compactor also facilitates stationary compaction, with which even the hardest soil conditions can be handled.

Denqbar Rüttelplatte mit Schutzrahmen und Hebebügel

Protective frame and sling bar

Whether it is during the transport or on site, damages can quickly happen! Therefore, all plate compactors by DENQBAR are equipped with a robust protection frame. Protecting the important parts of the machine, as the engine block, it increases the service life of the plate compactors. As well there is another advantage: The integrated sling bar. Using a crane, the plate compactor can be quickly loaded onto the loading surface of a transporter as well as unloaded off it. Anyone who has ever had to lower a heavier plate compactor into a canal or a trench will appreciate the value of a sling bar.

DENQBAR Rüttelplatte einfach zu transportieren

Transport wheels

The operational weight is a decisive criterion as it is important for the compression performance. Although a plate compactor is heavy, it is still easy to guide in use. But when the compactor is not running it is just the opposite. Therefore, DENQBAR has integrated a folding wheel kit with its models! To install it, slightly raise the plate compactor with the handle grip and hook the wheel kit into the provided fixture. Since the extra-large and stable wheels protrude laterally over the base plate, safe moving is not hard to master even through uneven or sandy terrain.

Mit Denqbar Rüttelplatten schwingungsgedämpft arbeiten

Vibration damping

The compaction is one of the most challenging tasks on every construction site. With developing this plate compactor, DENQBAR makes working on a site as comfortable as possible. Especially thanks to an innovative handle grip equipped on our plates compactors, vibration strain are significantly reduces on the arms while guiding the device. Thanks to this innovation, the use of the plate compactor will not cause physical stress any longer. Finally focus on what matters!

Denqbar Rüttelplatte schnelles Arbeiten mit Verbreiterung

Extension plates

This DENQBAR plate compactor impresses with another advantage: It is supplied with two extension plates, so the working performance can be extended. Make your work experience as efficient as it gets! Moreover, fixing the extension plates is simple: Just screw them into the intended holes with the material delivered. Of course, the extension plates are just as robust and highly wear-resistant as the base plate, therefore guaranteeing a long life.


TÜV Rheinland GS Logo

In the course of the test "Geprüfte Sicherheit", it is determined whether products comply with all legally established health and safety directives (electrical safety, noise emissions, etc.). You will not take any risks with the plate compactor DQ-0247! TÜV Rheinland confirms that with the certificate No. S 50346570.

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Operating mode

Reversible plate compactors have both a forward and a backward mode. The advantage for the user is the easy change of direction. With DENQBAR plate compactors, you just have to flip a lever on the guide handle. Therefore, the operation and driving comfort of a reversible plate compactor are a lot more pleasant.

Decisive for this function is the number of exciter shafts. Non-reversible models are equipped with one shaft, while reversible plate compactors already have two exciter shafts installed.

Physical, the motor-driven exciter is an unbalanced mass that moves in a circular path. It is mainly responsible for the locomotion and the generated compaction pressure of a plate compactor. When the unbalanced mass passes the uppermost point in the exciter, the upward directed centrifugal forces arise. As these centrifugal forces are much larger than the weight of the machine, the plate compactor jumps up a little bit with each rotation of the unbalanced mass for the fraction of a second. When falling back down, the area below the base plate will be compacted significantly due to the large force potentials (force is the product of mass and acceleration).

Moving forward or reverse is due to the interaction of the two exciter shafts. To be more exact, it depends on the current position of the unbalanced masses to each other. This interaction is directly influenced by lever. You can force the exciter shafts in opposite directions, which ultimately ensures the reversibility of the plate compactor.

Powerful and efficient: the ultimate compactor for professionals

As all DENQBAR plate compactor, the DQ-0247 is very easy to handle and is even more equipped with a reversible mode. By simply moving the lever, you can switch between forward and reverse mode. Due to the extra-wide (59 cm) baseplate, you will compact faster more area. With such a tool you will be perfectly equipped for compacting in house, road and landscaping or track construction.

The possibility of stationary compaction, the vibration-damped guide handle as well as the automatic shut-off, which protects the engine from oil deficiency damage: just benefit from all these advantages of this professional plate compactor.

With this model, we introduce you to the premier class of compacting machinery. You are perfectly equipped for all tasks with the sheer power of the DQ-0247, even in absolute professional areas. Maximum performance, durability and functionality combined with an efficient mode of operation are what this high-end plate compactor is all about. And still, our name is a guarantee for a great price-performance-ratio.

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