professional plate compactor DQ-0139
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professional plate compactor DQ-0139

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Not only professional craftsmen or construction workers, but also ambitious do-it-yourself enthusiasts know that a plate compactor facilitates work a lot. Especially on construction sites this device is indispensable. With our vibrating plate DQ-0139, we are offering a true all-rounder, which regularly occupies top rankings in the sales charts. That’s no surprise, as this product offers you powerful quality at a favourable price. There's no need to compromise with a DENQBAR plate compactor!


DENQBAR DQ-0139 plate compactor


102 kg

20 kN

35 cm

675 m²/h

Main features

DENQBAR Rüttelplatte mit Polyurethanmatte zfür Pflasterarbeiten

Polyurethane paving pad

For levelling laid paving stones, a paving pad is necessary as it avoids scratches, flaking of material and other similar problems. Just put it between plate and surface. The abrasion-resistant and dimensionally stable DENQBAR paving pads are the best solution! Top of the line, we enclose a free polyurethane mat to the delivery! With this set you have smartly saved and are able to start working immediately. Furthermore, the installation of the paving pad is very simple as the plate compactor already provides the accurate boreholes and includes the necessary fixing material in delivery. You just have to move the machine onto the pre-drilled paving pad and then fix it with nuts and screws.

DENQBAR Rüttelplatte antriebsstark und verschleißarm durch Doppelkeilriemen

Double V-belt (102kg)

We decided on using a double V-belt clutch for this model to set this model apart from others in this performance class. Equipped with two V-belts, it provides a better grip to the clutch and therefore a better and faster power transmission. Since the bearing surface of two V-belts is twice as large as for one, smaller friction forces and temperature increases arise. Succinctly, this advantage increases the life of the clutch and the V-belts.

Denqbar Rüttelplatte mit Schutzrahmen und Hebebügel

Protective frame and sling bar

Whether it is during the transport or on site, damages can quickly happen! Therefore, all plate compactors by DENQBAR are equipped with a robust protection frame. Protecting the important parts of the machine, as the engine block, it increases the service life of the plate compactors. As well there is another advantage: The integrated sling bar. Using a crane, the plate compactor can be quickly loaded onto the loading surface of a transporter as well as unloaded off it. Anyone who has ever had to lower a heavier plate compactor into a canal or a trench will appreciate the value of a sling bar.

DENQBAR Rüttelplatte einfach zu transportieren

Folding wheel kit

For an optimum compression, plate compactors need to be heavy. However, without a suitable wheel kit, moving the plate compactor can quickly become tedious. But DENQBAR won’t let you down! We have equipped the compactor with a built-in folding wheel kit so that your plate compactor is always ready to use. To install it, you just lift the machine with the handle grip and push the wheel kit under the machine in no time. That's it, your plate compactor is ready for transport!

Mit Denqbar Rüttelplatten schwingungsgedämpft arbeiten

Vibration damping

The compaction is one of the most challenging tasks on every construction site. With developing this plate compactor, DENQBAR makes working on a site as comfortable as possible. Especially thanks to an innovative handle grip equipped on our plates compactors, vibration strain are significantly reduces on the arms while guiding the device. Thanks to this innovation, the use of the plate compactor will not cause physical stress any longer. Finally focus on what matters!


Best of Heimwerkerpraxis

In its current issue (May / June 2017), the well-known DIY magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" once again granted its annual "Tool / Product of the Year" award.Readers could vote for more than 100 top products from various categories. In the pan-European vote, the interest on voting was huge and so a new attendance record has been reported. In its category, the DENQBAR plate compactor DQ-0139 prevailed against 20 competitors and received the coveted award. Thus, the DENQBAR plate compactor reflects the positive opinion of the expert jury and the recognition of the large readership and users.

Best of Heimwerkerpraxis

In 2017, the improved version of our DQ-0139 plate compactor won the coveted "Best of" award in the well-known DIY magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" the second time. In this election all the devices tested are compared in terms of quality, work results, price-performance ratio and innovations. Only the best will get the "Best of" rating. With our DQ-0139 you acquire a high-quality product that even the incorruptible test editors privately would recommend to their friends and acquaintances without reservations.

Best of Heimwerkerpraxis

The editorial team of the renowned magazine Heimwerker Praxis have named our plate compactor the "BEST OF HEIMWERKER PRACTICE 2014". According to Heimwerker Praxis 1/2014, "Best of 2014” presents the favourites of the editors, which have completely convinced the jury. You can read the article here: Auszeichnung praises our plate compactor as well processed, at a favourable price, which does a good job, is easy to use and suitable for beginners. Therefore, our DENQBAR plate got the ranking "very well".

TÜV Rheinland GS Logo

5. "Geprüfte Sicherheit" - Using this seal shows that we have voluntarily subjected our product to a stringent quality control by an independent licensed notified body. This certification has been awarded by TÜV Rheinland with the Certificate No S 50346570.certificat.

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Operating mode

Funktion der Rüttelplatte

Whether its paving a driveway, building a terrace or a smaller streets - all professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers need a plate compactor. Compaction is important to avoid subsidence. But how does it actually work?

Centrifugal forces arise when masses are accelerated and moved quickly on a circular path. Due to these forces the plate compactor is able to move forward. At the same time, the downward directed forces have the intended consequence that the compaction pressure can enter the soil.

Therefore, the particularly powerful cast steel exciter with a circulating unbalanced mass is of fundamental importance (see picture, number 1). When the unbalanced mass passes the uppermost point in the exciter, the upward directed centrifugal forces arise. As these centrifugal forces are much larger than the weight of the machine, the plate compactor jumps up a little bit with each rotation of the unbalanced mass for the fraction of a second. When falling back down, the area below the base plate will be compacted significantly due to the large force potentials (force is the product of mass and acceleration). Following, the same procedure starts again due to the continuous circular motion of the unbalanced mass.

With its operating weight, the professional DENQBAR plate compactor has a sufficiently high mass to bring a gigantic compaction pressure of up to 35 cm into the soil via the extra strong cast steel exciter. This is aided by the advanced gasoline engine of the latest generation with its improved performance and environmental compatibility. Excellent quality at a favourable price!

The plate compactor DQ-0139 – Become a professional

Whether it is for paving, construction of entrances or terraces, or landscaping: our plate compactor DQ-0139 is the solution. The powerful and environmentally friendly 4.8 kW / 6.5 HP fuel engine and the weight of the plate compactor (102 kg) are the ideal conditions to produce a total output of 20 kN (which corresponds to an important centrifugal force of approx. 2050 kg). A perfect drive is provided by 2 V-belts – This is really not a easy in this compactor class!

With up to 25 meters per minute, the DENQBAR plate compactor alleviate your work. We will be impressed with the improved and enlarged cast steel exciter, the extremely robust motor protection frame, the fixing for the paving pad as well as the foldable vibration-damped handle grip. As you can see: our professional plate compactor does not have to envy anyone in terms of ease of use and transport!

At DENQBAR, we keep our promises! The editorial team of the renowned magazine "Heimwerkerpraxis" is completely convinced. They named our product "BEST OF HEIMWERKERPRAXIS 2014". This coveted award can only be won by devices that have successfully passed a year of intensive tests. You want a plate compactor at an unbeatable price, which offers incredible results but is also easy to use for beginners? Trust DENQBAR!

Rüttelplatte Untergrund 2



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