Help for ordering process

Thank you for your interest in our products. To get through the ordering process as quick and easy as possible, we are offering you here a quick guide for it.

Shopping cart

In your shopping cart you can note the quantity, the payment and delivery method.
With a click on the button „Proceed checkout" you are starting the ordering process...


If you are not logged in yet, you have to login yourself now. For this you have to enter your mail adresse and your password.
Is this your first order in our shop?
In this case please enter only your mail adresse and choose „I'am a new customer".

Invoice adresse

Please note your Invoice adresse. 
Only if you are a new customer, a password has to be entered.

Delivery adresse

Please choose a delivery adresse in this area, to which your article has to be delivered. Please make sure that the delivery adresse is correct. If this is not the case, change it there please.

Debit advance

Only with debit advance you will have the question for your bank details. Please care about the correct notation of your bank details.

Summary of your order

In the last step you will receive a summary of your order with all given data, all articles and the total amount.
With one click on the button "Send order" your order will be sent.
The contract will be closed with your delivery confirmation e-mail.