DENQBAR 11 kW (15 CV) Biotrituratore con motore a benzina

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In the spring, cut back shrubs, in summer trim the hedges, in fall clean the garden beds – Garden waste is a recurring by-product in every garden. We have the solution for you!
Our powerful yard chipper handles easily and quickly even large amounts of your yard cutting waste and green waste into precious compost material. Or you can use it to cover the soil under trees and shrubs. Because of his new, more powerful and even more environmentally friendly 4-cycle gasoline engine you can use the shredder without any annoying cables at any point in your garden. With your new shredder from Denqbar you will receive a compact, powerful and reliable machine. Get it now!


new model - your advantage

  • more powerful and even more environmentally friendly engine
  • improved chipping chute for fresh wood
  • large waste chute

Features of quality and comfort:

  • extra strong rotor for professional and quick work
  • dual cutting mode with specially hardened blades for even smaller cuttings (max. chipping capacity 102 mm)
  • extra large chipping inlet of now 145 mm for better filling
  • smooth 11 kW (15 PS) engine of the latest engine generation (remarkable improvement of the power and more environmentally friendly than the predecessor engines)
  • 3-times start-up aid:
    - electronic ignition
    - Easy-recoil starter
    - Choke
  • oil level sensor to avoid engine damage
  • ball bearing wheels and guide handle for very easy transport
  • including tarpaulin to protect against dust and other environmental influences

For your safety:

  • safety clutch for overload protection
  • improved safety hopper
  • motorstop-switch
  • wide and large chassis to ensure a firm footing

technical data:

  • 4-cycle, air cooled, OHV petrol engine with good torque characteristics
    - 11 kW (15 HP) at max. 3600 rpm
    - uses regular grade petrol, unleaded
  • maximum blade rotation speed: 2000 rpm
  • dimensions: 770mm x 740mm x 1140mm
  • net weight: 100kg
  • accessories: operator's manual, maintenance tools, tarpaulin
  • brand: DENQBAR
  • colour: blue
  • New product in original packaging


knife / blade for Denqbar shredder DQ-0232
V-belt for Denqbar shredder 9.5 kW to 11 kW
spark plug for Denqbar engines with 168 cm³ or higher
frizione con 25 mm diametro d'albero