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Petrol lawn mower DQ-R46 7in1 function 46 cm cutting width

Petrol lawn mower DQ-R46 7in1 function 46 cm cutting width


Petrol lawn mower DQ-R46 7in1 function 46 cm cutting width

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Powerful and flexible: The mobile lawn care machine

Whether as a playground for the kids, as an inviting meadow to relax on or simply as an ornament: a beautiful and well-maintained lawn is an important figurehead for every garden. But as we all know: no pain, no gain - the lawn should be mown frequently so that it can unfold its beauty in full splendour. Thanks to the powerful DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower, mowing jobs can be completed in no time at all. DENQBAR makes the dream of a green and healthy lawn come true for every garden owner!



  • Large blade with 46 cm cutting width
  • 6-way cutting height adjustment (25 mm - 75 mm)
  • Huge grass catcher box (65 litres capacity)
  • Wheel drive with original french premium brand GT gearbox
  • Operating speed approx. 5,0 km/h
  • Ball bearing Big Wheels, Ø front 180 mm (7″), rear 254 mm (10″)
  • High-quality specially hardened steel cutting blade
  • Robust sheet metal chassis
  • Water hose connection
  • Height-adjustable and foldable Soft-Grip handlebar
  • Cup holder panel


  • Engine: 4-cycle air-cooled OHV petrol engine
  • Max. output: 3.5 kW (4.8 HP)
  • Rated output: 3 kW
  • Displacement: 170 ccm
  • Rotation: 2.800 rpm
  • Starter system: Recoil
  • Fuel: Petrol (E10 suitable)
  • Tank capacity: 1.0 l
  • Oil type: SAE 10W-30 or higher
  • Oil capacity: 0.6 l

Dimensions & Weight

  • Weight: 37 kgs
  • L x W x H (ready-to-use): 147 cm x 53 cm x 103 cm
  • Speed: 5 km/h
  • Cutting height adjustment: 25 mm - 75 mm
  • Grass box capacity: 65 litres


  • Extremely flexible due to various function modes:
    • Mowing
    • Mulching
    • Collecting
    • Side discharge
  • Cultivation and maintenance of functional and recreational lawns, ornamental lawns etc.
  • Also suitable for wild plots with very high or wet grass blades
  • Recommended for garden sizes up to 1,000 m²

Included In Delivery

  • Petrol lawn mower DQ-R46
  • Huge grass catcher box
  • Side discharge
  • Mulching wedge
  • Cup holder
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual (GE/EN/FR)
  • New - original packaging

Cutting width

46 cm



Wheel drive




3.5 kW (4.8 PS)

3.5 kW

Key features

Der DENQBAR Rasenmäher großer Schnittbreite von 46 cm

Large cutting width

The cutting width of a lawn mower is one of the key buying criteria for many garden owners. Since a machine with a large cutting width completes wider paths than a silmmer lawn mower model, you can finish the job correspondingly faster. With its large cutting width of 46 cm the DENQBAR DQ-R46 offers you far more than ordinary lawn mowers in the same price range, which mostly come with only a 34 cm of width - this makes a 35 % plus of lawn in the same time.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Perfekt steuerbar und ein kühles Getränk dabei

Special Soft-Grip adjustable handlebar

The vibration-damped handlebar, with its many practical features, ensures pleasant and effective mowing. The handle can be easily adjusted to accommodate operator height and comfort. Since the handlebar is also foldable, the robust mowing miracle can be stored in any garage to save space. The soft grip handle coating makes working with the DQ-R46 a comfortable experience for the hands as well. Not to forget the two built-in cup holders ensuring sufficient liquid replenishment during longer mowing shifts.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - mit 7-in-1 Funktion

7-in-1 function

The DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower is a true all-round genius that is helpful to every garden owner thanks to its wide range of functions and practical features. The DQ-R46 scores with the following functions: mowing, mulching & bagging, side discharge, cleaning function, cutting height adjustment and wheel drive. Thanks to these smart equipment details, the DENQBAR DQ-R46 can be used extremely flexible. The individual functions are listed in detail below.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - für eine perfektes Mähergebnis

Mowing made easy

Only regular mowing will result in a dense and lush lawn. A functional lawn (cutting height 4 cm to 5 cm) should be mowed approx. once a week, while an ornamental lawn (cutting height 2.5 cm to 4 cm) requires approx. 2 cuts per week. In any case, the very good mowing performance of the DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawnmower guarantees perfect work results every time. In this function mode, the clippings fall to the ground in a clean path at the rear end of the lawn mower. There you can leave them to dry or simply rake them up for later use.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Mulchfunktion

Mulching included!

In addition to the classic mowing process, the DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower offers gardeners another very interesting function: mulching. In this case, the clippings do not end up in the catcher box, where they have to be disposed of later. When mulching, the chopped grass is worked back into the ground, where it returns essential nutrients to the soil. In this way, you get natural fertiliser at virtually zero cost. As a result, the lawn will be much more vital, have a denser turf and impress with a lush green colour.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Mähen mit seitlichem Auswurf

Side discharge

Thanks to the numerous operating modes, the DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower has the right answer for every lawn condition and every mowing task. It doesn't always have to be the perfectly trimmed English lawn. The DQ-R46 can also cope with high and wildly-grown grass that is mown very infrequently. For this purpose, it has a side discharge so that the clippings fall to the ground at some distance from the lawn mower. Since this operating mode does not require a catcher box, the work is done quickly without interruptions.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Grasfangkorb mit 65 L Volumen

The big catch - Grass box

The DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower with its huge 65 litre catcher offers plenty of space to collect the cut grass blades. Otherwise scattered around the lawn and needed to be swept up with a rake and then taken away in a bag or wheelbarrow, this gigantic grass box provides more space than conventional lawn mowers, which makes the work process extremely effective! Particularly practical: The fill level indicator informs the user at a glance how much space is left in the catcher.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Zentrale Schnitthöhenverstellung mit 6 Positionen

Cutting height adjustment

It is one of the most important questions for numerous gardeners: Which cutting height is the perfect choice for my lawn? Here, it depends first and foremost on what type of lawn you favour. For example, functional and recreational lawns have much longer blades of grass than an ornamental lawn. With the DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower, you are ideally equipped for all options! This is guaranteed by its central cutting height adjustment with a total of six positions that allow cutting heights between 2.5 cm and 7.5 cm. This makes the DQ-R46 a particularly flexible lawn mower.

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Reinigungsfunktion per Wasserschlauchanschluss

Cleaning function

Every lawn mower should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after mowing, as this increases product life and keeps the blades nice and sharp. With conventional lawn mowers, cleaning is a real fiddly job - not so with the DENQBAR DQ-R46! It has a practical water hose connection that allows the cutting blade and mower to be cleaned quickly and conveniently. Simply connect a water hose, turn on the tap and then start the engine. The rotating water jet frees the interior from grass cuttings within a few minutes - a clean affair!

DENQBAR Rasenmäher DQ-R46 - Mit Radantrieb und modernem GT-Getriebe

Wheel drive with GT gearbox

A very practical feature of the DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower is its wheel drive. This makes mowing a self-runner in the truest sense of the word - even on bumpy terrain or slopes! The gearbox of the wheel drive comes from the French brand manufacturer GT, which is known for absolute top quality. Thanks to this smart equipment detail, the DQ-R46 glides easily and comfortably over the lawn in every situation. Unique in this performance class are the huge ball bearing Big Wheels. Their size is 180 mm (7″) at the front and a proud 254 mm (10″) at the rear. This makes mowing quick, effective and effortless.

Rasenmäher Untergrund 1

DENQBAR Petrol lawn mower DQ-R46

With its maximum engine output of 3.5 kW (4.8 HP), the DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower has plenty of power to bring on to the green track. This and its large cutting width of 46 cm make it perfect for mowing larger areas (recommended size up to 1,000 m²). Even damp and comparably high blades of grass are no obstacle for this powerhouse. As this petrol lawn mower does not need batteries or annoying cords, it has a very large operating radius and can be used for a long stretch of time. Even the most remote areas on larger properties can be worked accurately and carefully. The robust sheet steel construction guarantees a long living product. No ordinary plastic body lawn mower can compete with this! The special blade holder with overload protection which is triggered if the lawn mower i.e. runs over a stone, also contributes to the enormous robustness. This effectively protects the blade and the drive from damage.

The DENQBAR DQ-R46 petrol lawn mower also has a lot to offer in terms of operating comfort. The wheel drive with GT gearbox allows convenient mowing even on slopes. The central cutting height adjustment ensures working flexibility. A total of six different settings allow cutting heights between 25 mm and 75 mm. The height-adjustable handlebar enables every user to find the perfect working height for any condition. Since the handlebar is also foldable, the DQ-R46 petrol lawnmower can be stored quickly and economically when the work is done. Thanks to the huge grass box (65 litres capacity) with fill level indicator, a steady workflow is guaranteed and rarely has to be interrupted for emptying.

The DQ-R46 comes with another practical extra feature: the mulching function. When operating, the chopped up grass is given back to the lawn particularly finely shredded. Like this, the soil recovers valuable nutrients, which naturally has a positive effect on the healthy growth of your lawn.

Rasenmäher Untergrund 2
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