DENQBAR Garden power tools

Garden power tools

  • 5.1 kW (7 HP) Garden Shredder Woodchipper
  • 11 kW (15 HP) Garden Shredder Woodchipper
  • 250 bar high pressure washer with 9,6 kW (13 PS) engine
  • 20 meters high pressure hose up to 280 bar / 4100 psi
  • Dirt blaster rotating nozzle for high pressure washer

DENQBAR Garden power tools – every garden becomes a personal feel-good paradise

We warmly welcome you to DENQBAR's extensive garden segment of power tools! Since its foundation in 2004, DENQBAR GmbH. has been a competent manufacturer and distributor of robust and handy garden power tools. Due to the great innovative strength the product range has been continuously expanded over the years and many new product launches are still to be expected in the future. With powerful garden shredders, flexibly usable petrol lawnmowers and powerful high-pressure washers, DENQBAR GmbH. has a whole range of helpful garden tools on offer, so that every garden lover is guaranteed to get his money's worth. With the practical DENQBAR garden power tools, every staid and untidy garden plot transforms into a green garden paradise at the drop of a hat, that invites you to linger and relax. Do it like far more than 350,000 people before you - put your trust in strong brand DENQBAR!

What would a garden be without a manicured lawn? That's right: nothing. A beautiful and healthy lawn is probably the most important showpiece of every garden. How good it is that there are the powerful DENQBAR petrol lawn mowers! These powerful and flexibly usable miracles should not be missing in any garden, as they ensure a dense and healthy lawn’s green. The DENQBAR lawnmowers range includes a variety of models that leave nothing to be desired. The extensive equipment list is more than impressive: Powerful engine, extra-large cutting knife, self-propelled wheels, huge bag collector, central cutting height adjustment, big and ball-bearing wheels, water hose connection and a foldable guide bar with soft grip handle are standard equipment. At DENQBAR the garden lovers will also enjoy the versions with a comfortable electric start or variable gear selection.

Now that the lawn is in perfect condition thanks to DENQBAR, shrubs and trees should also make a first-class impression, right? Falling leaves, fruit or cut branches lying on the ground make an extremely bad figure too. This is where the DENQBAR garden shredders make their big appearance, because they quickly restore order in the home garden! DENQBAR garden shredders are absolute masters in shredding tree and hedge trimmings, but all other plant waste also ends up in the bio bin to save space. Or use the fine chopped material as an initial source for nutrient-rich compost, which returns essential nutrients to the soil! With the two garden shredder models DQ-0231 and DQ-0232, DENQBAR has the right answer for every challenge in the garden.

The strong trio of garden tools is complemented by the mobile DENQBAR high-pressure washers. Thanks to them, when it comes to cleaning work in the garden, the motto is: “Water on!” Against the concentrated force of the powerful petrol engines, even the most stubborn deposits don't stand a chance because literally they in for it now with high pressure. So dirty facades and garden terraces will shine in a flash with a radiant shine again. But also yellowed garden furniture, which is rasped off again at the beginning of the garden season after a long winter, invites you to relax. DENQBAR petrol lawn mowers, garden shredders and pressure washers - this unbeatable trio stands for healthy growth, order and cleanliness in every garden. In this fashion you will make a great impression on family, friends and guests at the next garden party!