650 W silent suitcase digital generator 230 V inverter
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650 W silent suitcase digital generator 230 V inverter

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Handy - lightweight - always and everywhere!

With 10 years of experience and excellent service quality, DENQBAR is the ideal partner for your investment in the best generator for your purpose. Whether beginner or experienced professional - we will find the perfect solution for all our customers. Quiet, smooth, quickly ready for use and space-saving in storage: These are the characteristics with which our entry-level model will capture your heart.


DQ650 DENQBAR Inverter power generator










Main features

Denqbar Generator Stable, pure sine wave AC output

Stable, pure sine wave AC output

Inverter describes a modern technology that guarantees a pure sine wave output. A significant advantage over conventional power generators with unstable voltage isn't it? The DENQBAR Inverter power generators reliably transform direct current into alternating current, and therefore always deliver perfect frequency and voltage. In particular, sensitive devices like laptops, TVs, microwaves, freezers or music systems can be connected without hesitation due to the electronical part (PCB) inside the generator.

Lower noise level as other generators

Low noise level

Conventional power generators have another crucial disadvantage: they are very noisy. But with high quality Inverter power generators by DENQBAR, you do not have to worry about that anymore. Due to the enclosed housing and its effective sound insulation, our models impress with their quiet operation. With the built-in eco-mode, the engine speed is adjusted automatically according to the amount of the power required, which reduces fuel consumption and noise level as well. Therefore, our devices are ideal for use during a camping holiday or an open-air event, since you do not have to be afraid of a disturbing noise.

Eco-mode for less consumption

Eco-mode = less consumption

All our generators are equipped with a very special feature. The innovative eco mode optimally adjusts the engine speed based on demand or at full speed. This results in a more efficient operating mode, as it lowers fuel consumption as well as the amount of exhaust gas emitted. You do not only save money, but also reduce the environmental impact. Especially in times of global warming, our inverter power generators have an invaluable advantage over conventional generators. Quiet, economical & environmentally friendly - Good reasons for DENQBAR!

Easy to transport and lower weight

Less weight / Portable

Transporting our mobile DENQBAR inverter power generators is pleasantly easy, so you can use your electrical devices even when there is no wall socket. That's why we consistently use extra lightweight materials. In addition, the compact design and the ergonomically shaped handle ensure easy transport of this model. Enjoy this flexibility! This reliable inverter power generator virtually is a socket to-go!

Easy Recoil starter

Recoil starter

What is the point on having a mobile generator, when starting seems like a never-ending story? At DENQBAR, we want you to get your power when you need it. Therefore, our inverter power generators are equipped with an easy recoil starter system. Due to the reliable Transistor Charger Ignition (TCI), great efforts for starting a generator are definitely out-of-date. Just press the switch to ON, set the choke on starting position, quickly prime the petrol with the pump and pull the recoil starter 1-3 times – et voilà, it‘s ready to use!

DC output

DC output

This smart generator also features a 12V DC socket. With its special cable, it is particularly suitable for charging batteries. There are probably numerous situations in which you will benefit from this practical application. For example, charging car batteries - a reassuring feature, especially in remote areas. However, even owners of RC racing cars as well as aeromodelling enthusiasts have already discovered the advantages of mobile inverter power generators by DENQBAR.

Oil deficiency indicator with automatic shut-off

Oil deficiency indicator with automatic shut-off

With the branded products by DENQBAR you rely on high quality and longevity. Therefore, we have equipped all our mobile power generators with a standard overload protection as well as an oil deficiency indicator, which protect the engine sustainably against damage and power losses. If the oil level drops below the minimum, a fuse triggers the automatic shut-off of the device. Therefore, your DENQBAR inverter power generator will be able to provide its full performance potential - always and everywhere!

Protection against splash water

Protection against splash water

Whether you are looking for relaxation in the campsite, refurbishing your boat in the harbour, having an open-air party with your friends or needing electricity for hobby gardening: With this inverter power generator, you always have your personal power plant aside. But probably nothing is as badly predictable as the weather. Fortunately, the whole generator meets ingress protection level IP23 (Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical.) - and its Schuko sockets are even protected from water spray from any direction with IP54! Therefore, you do not need to panic about a few rain drops striking the generator.


Heimwerker Praxis Grade 1,6

Small does not always mean powerless - with our DQ-650 we could persuade the test office of "Heimwerker Praxis" sustainably. The side surface of our “small one” is barely larger than an A4 sized sheet, yet he passed all tasks with flying colours. The low weight as well as the encapsulated construction, which ensure quiet operation, making it the "ideal partner" for entry-level applications.

Intertek GS Logo

"Geprüfte Sicherheit" (Tested Safety) - The GS mark confirms this product to be safe, legally valid and of high quality. We have voluntarily subjected our product to a stringent quality control by an independent licensed notified body. This certification has been awarded by Intertek with the Certificate No 17SHS1804-01.

Customer's reviews


The inverter power generator DQ-650 - the faithful companion in every situation

Cooling drinks from your own cool box are refreshing, especially in hot summer temperatures. It is also nice communicating with your loved ones at home via smartphone, even when you are just enjoying the great time at a festival. Both eventually need electricity for charging, which is clearly hard to find even on a campsite. We have got the perfect solution! Just use one of our quiet and handy mobile inverter power generators next time!

Our 650 watts inverter power generator is the entry level model of mobile power generation in our product range. Due to its capsulated design, the DQ-650 offers a quiet operation that eclipses conventional power generators. Further advantages are the impressively low net weight of only 9 kg and the exquisitely handy design - from now on you can use your own power supply, not being dependent of time and place!

Despite the very compact dimensions, we still did not save on innovative technologies: Our "small one" offers the latest inverter technology, which guarantees a clean and safe power output at all times. Risky voltage fluctuations are therefore belonging to the past, so even sensitive electrical devices (such as LCD TVs, computers and laptops) can be operated without hesitation.



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