250 bar high pressure washer with 9,6 kW (13 PS) engine
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250 bar high pressure washer with 9,6 kW (13 PS) engine

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Mobile – freedom – powerful cleaning

Things are getting heated! DENQBAR’s high pressure washer DQ-0108 is easy to carry around, ready to be used at any time and thanks to the gasoline-powered engine doesn’t need to be wired up. As a result it is a tool you must have to fulfill a multitude of tasks whether at home or in the professional field. Regardless where or why you want to use the DQ-0108, its incredible feats will leave you speechless.


DENQBAR High pressure washer DQ-0108


Cleansing pressure

250 bar

Water flow

1240 l/h




DENQBAR high pressure washer with high cleaning pressure

High cleaning pressure

The interaction of high-performance engine and piston pump puts the water under high pressure. Out of the cleaning nozzle the jet of water comes out at a very high speed, which is why the DENQBAR high pressure washer eliminates even the most stubborn dirt. With a cleaning pressure of an impressive 250 bar, the DQ-0108 is an absolute professional device on the market, with which hardly any other product can compete in this price range. But even for filigree cleaning this high pressure washer is the perfect partner, because the spray pressure can be adjusted individually. That's why you always clean the most diverse materials and surfaces very gently.

DENQBAR high pressure washer with high water flow rate

High water flow rate

Many people think that the most important purchase criterion is the highest possible water pressure. At least as important, however, is the information about the amount of water per hour that a high pressure washer can squeeze through the pipes at a constantly high spray pressure. Here the wheat separates from the chaff in terms of quality and performance, because radiant cleaning results are always the result of a high water pressure AND a simultaneously high water flow rate. The DQ-0108 from DENQBAR convinces with a flow rate of over 1,240 litres per hour in its price class. This enormous water flow guarantees the best cleaning results, and the dirt is washed away.

DENQBAR high pressure washer mobility

Independence and mobility

When it comes to mobility, the DENQBAR high pressure washer DQ-0108 is the first choice. The powerful petrol engine allows you to work long hours far away from fixed main sockets. The included 8 m long high pressure hose allows an almost limitless freedom of movement of over 200 m² around the high-pressure washer. If there is no running water supply, the practical suction hose with filter can suck water from ponds or lakes. This allows you to carry out cleaning work even in the remotest areas, which underlines the independence of this professional unit. Wherever you want to use the DQ-0108: Thanks to the air-filled tyres in XXL format, the transport of this high pressure cleaner is extremely easy.

DENQBAR high pressure washer with low-pressure injector

Suction hose for cleaning agents

A high pressure washer achieves even better cleaning results if suitable cleaning agents are added to the water. For this purpose, our DQ-0108 has a practical low-pressure injector that automatically sucks the desired cleaning agent out of a container. Special cleaning agents are available from specialist dealers for countless areas of application. For example, there are particularly suitable cleaners for wood, stone and plastic surfaces, so that even the most stubborn dirt caused by moss, fungi or algae can be effectively removed. Or bring your car to a glossy finish with a car shampoo that protects the paintwork. The DENQBAR high pressure washer is at your side for every task!

DENQBAR high pressure washer nozzle set with quick-change system

Nozzle set with quick-change system

The DENQBAR high pressure washer DQ-0108 is supplied with five different nozzles. You can choose between a concentrated water jet for extremely high cleaning pressure or a water jet with a large opening angle for large-area cleaning. Last but not least, a fine spray nozzle, which is especially suitable for working with additives and cleaning agents, rounds off the selection. With this comprehensive nozzle set, you are ideally positioned for all areas of application. Thanks to the innovative quick-change system, changing nozzles is quick and easy, so you have more time for the essentials.

DENQBAR high pressure washer with high quality craftsmanship

High-quality equipment and craftsmanship

In addition to perfect cleaning results, the DENQBAR high-pressure washer will also convince you with its high quality workmanship and many practical features. A major quality feature is the industrial piston pump with ceramic piston. The resistant high-pressure hose and the high-quality pump seal also contribute to the long service life of the product. The ergonomically shaped high-pressure gun is equipped with a safety latch that prevents the water jet from escaping unintentionally. The soft grip insert on the handle allows long use without physical fatigue. The petrol-driven power engine with oil deficiency protection and the folding handle for space-saving storage are completing the advantages of our DQ-0108 high pressure washer.


DENQBAR high pressure washer receives 'Product of the Year 2019' award from 'Heimwerker Praxis'

With the powerful DENQBAR high pressure cleaner DQ-0108 the dirt has no chance! This is proven by the large practical test of the " Heimwerker Praxis ", in which the mobile cleaning miracle had to prove itself. The high-quality professional device achieved top marks in the categories of mobility, workmanship, equipment and operability, so that the DQ-0108 was immediately nominated "Product of the Year 2019". In a subsequent readers' poll, the DENQBAR high-pressure washer beat all its competitors in the field and rightly won the prestigious title of "Best Product 2019".

DENQBAR high pressure washer - Heimwerker Praxis, annual award Best of 2019

Only the best products, which were positively noticed by the test editors of "Heimwerker Praxis" over the course of the year, have the chance of being declared "Best of". This illustrious circle also includes the DENQBAR DQ-0108 high-pressure washer. With a water power of a gigantic 250 bar, it gave dirt no chance. The outstanding test results in the areas of mobility, equipment and processing contributed to the decision that the DENQBAR high pressure washer DQ-0108 was voted "Best of 2019".

DENQBAR high pressure washer receives a grade of 1.4 at Heimwerker Praxis

Now even the most stubborn dirt deposits have nothing more to laugh about. The editors of the Heimwerker Praxis (05/2018) attested the max. 250 bar strong powerhouse a first-class cleaning performance and mobility. In addition, the innovative quick-release coupling system and the high-quality workmanship were convincing. Conclusion: Dream mark 1.4 for the DENQBAR high pressure washer DQ-0108!

DENQBAR high pressure cleaner gets full 5 hammers at selbst ist der Mann

No matter how stubborn the contamination may be, there is no way you can resist the enormous water power of up to 250 bar of the DENQBAR DQ-0108 high pressure washer. The test editorial team of the well-known DIY trade magazine "selbst ist der Mann" (11/2018) was able to get an idea of it. The device scored not only with its extreme water performance, but also "the comprehensive equipment, the long water hose and the high mobility" - mark "very good" for the blue cleaning miracle of DENQBAR!

Operating mode


Whether dirty walls or garden terraces, moss between stones or deposit on your tools or worse on your beloved car, we have the right tool for you. In any of those cases, our high pressure washer will accomplish the tasks as well as saving you some energy.

The flow of your garden hose is poor but you want more power? Then the high-pressure water pump is for you. Its power allows you to get rid of the tenacious stains that your old garden hose would not accomplish. You are probably wondering how the DQ-0108 works. Follows some explanation:

Our high pressure washer is a marvel of engineering equipped with an ultra-modern petrol engine. Water enters the pump via the water connection where it is compressed using reciprocating pistons and pressurized. The water eventually goes through an outlet valve into the high-pressure water pump and halts at the end of the gun. As soon as the user pulls the trigger, water gushes out of the nozzle at extremely high speed.

The DQ-0108 is impressive: It generates a working pressure of 250 bar and more than 1200 liters of water flow per hour. Thanks to these capacities, the DENQBAR high-pressure washer only uses robust components for instance: high-, high-quality piston gun with ceramic pistons and special sealing materials. Our choice for components of quality guarantees a long life at servicing your needs.

First-class cleaning results, a high-quality product as well as an unbeatable value: these are strengths that define DENQBAR’s brand quality anywhere and anytime.


The high-pressure washer DQ-0108 – A miracle of mobile cleaning

No matter what you are cleaning; whether it is a machine or your tools, your car or a motorbike or your terrace or the façade and regardless in where you are planning to it: The DENQBAR high-pressure washer provides the perfect cleaning with its 250 bar pressure. In addition, the ultra-high flow rate of 20.7 liters of water per minute is much higher than comparable devices from other manufacturers. The powerful new generation petrol engine 9.6kW (13hp) allows you to be used without wiring up and thus ensuring maximum performance. The device is able to pump water from a pond or a lake which is a major asset adding to its mobility and flexibility. DENQBAR`s high-pressure water jet comes with a high-pressure gun equipped with a safety feature as well as five different nozzles to meet all your needs.

Thanks to its innovative system, the change of nozzles is simple and fast. A special hose allows you to soak up cleaning products which are then mixed with the water enabling you the cleaning to be even more effective.

Supplied with a frame covered in a powder coating for extreme durability and a highly resistant 8m high-pressure hose, the DQ-0108 is ideal for use in the most adverse conditions. The device is easy to transport thanks to its inflated tires allowing it to face all types of terrain. As you are now used to with all DENQBAR’s products, you are guaranteed the ownership of high quality devices; the DQ-0108 high-pressure water jet could be your next.

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