11 kW (15 HP) Garden Shredder Woodchipper
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11 kW (15 HP) Garden Shredder Woodchipper

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Vigorous - safe - award-winning quality!

Every beautiful garden needs thorough care, which is a rewarding but also an outgrowing task. Whether the apple tree protrudes into the neighbouring property or the pine always transmits less light - there are countless situations in which our powerful 11 kW (15 hp) garden shredder can provide valuable help. Get the work done easy: Trim the trees and shrubs, shred the green waste with the shredder and put it in the composter. With this professional gardening tool from DENQBAR you can efficiently create space and order in your garden again.








Main features

DENQBAR Garden Shredder Woodchipper with engine of the latest generation

Petrol engine of the latest generation

Each shredding mechanism is only as good as the engine that drives it. The necessary power of this DENQBAR garden shredder is provided by a 4-stroke petrol engine, which has been further improved over the previous generation. The engine is working extremely fast and powerful while nevertheless being very environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is not only saving time and money, but also keeping an eye on our environment.

Powerful Garden Shredder Woodchipper

Powerful shredding mechanism

With this DENQBAR shredder the material is chopped effortlessly by 16 fast rotating hammers. The clever garden aid impresses with its powerful feeder making work pleasantly easy. Due to the perfect interaction with the specially hardened knife blades in the chipping chute, you always get a convincing result right away. The volume of the original material can be reduced by up to 75% on average.

Perfect shredding results

Perfect working results

This device convinces with its fast operation mode, the uncomplicated handling as well as the high-quality shredded material. It is utterly small and therefore is the ideal basis for mulching or for natural fertilizer with valuable nutrients - an electric shredder cannot keep up with. The DENQBAR garden shredder virtually eliminates all green waste accumulated in the garden. This all-rounder can shred hard material (branches, twigs, hedge trimming etc.) as well as soft material (e. g. leaves, vegetable and fruit waste or flower cut). Pure flexibility.

Reinforced wide-tire wheel kit

Reinforced wide-tire wheel kit

Especially in gardens, where there is no socket, the mobile petrol-driven DENQBAR garden shredder is the best solution. We have equipped this device with an extra-large wheel kit with two ball-bearing and air-filled wide wheels - never before transporting a shredder has been easier. And in addition, regarding work safety, the extra-large wheel kit ensures a safe footing. Reassuring, isn't it? 


7 HP shredder test winner with 92,8%

The independent trade magazine "ETM Testmagazin" named our Denqbar 15 HP shredder the test winner in its big comparison test. The shredder scored with fabulous 92.8% and the grade Very good, even better than the well-known competition. The enormous performance, the quality of the shredded material and the simple operation were praised. Our Denqbar shredder "is undeniably a shredder for the professional sector, already proved by its enormous performance," the trade magazine finally concludes.

Heimwerker Praxis nominate DENQBAR Garden Shredder Woodchipper Best Of 2018

The DENQBAR garden shredder DQ-0232 features characteristics from the absolute professional class. This is the conclusion of the editorial department of "Heimwerker Praxis" (06/2017). Its convincing values in starting and shredding performance as well as the very attractive price-performance ratio have been the decisive characteristics for the 11 kW (15 hp) garden shredder being awarded the prestigious "Best of 2018".

Heimwerker Praxis give the top rating of 1.4

The powerful 11 kW (15 HP) garden shredder from DENQBAR turns every garden into a neat and green paradise. This is the conclusion of the editorial department of the well-known trade journal "Heimwerker Praxis" (06/2017). The DQ-0232 was more than convincing, especially in the categories start behavior, performance characteristics and purchase price. Therefore, finally the shredder achieved a top rating of 1.4 and a ranking in the absolute top class.

15 PS Schredder with 5 hammers and Very good

Germany's first do-it-yourself magazine "selbst ist der Mann" has tested the DENQBAR 11 kW (15 HP) garden shredder in its issue 05/2015. For testing the shredder, the editors of the magazine used the annual cut of their large grounds and awarded 5 hammers and the ranking "very good". As a final conclusion, the editorial department draws: "Robustly designed shredder with very high shredding performance", "Very fine shredding result" and "In spite of size and high weight [...] well movable". Further information on www.selbst.de.

TÜV Rheinland GS Logo

"Geprüfte Sicherheit" (Tested Safety) - The GS mark confirms this product to be safe, legally valid and of high quality. We have voluntarily subjected our product to a stringent quality control by an independent licensed notified body. This certification has been awarded by TÜV Rheinland with the Certificate No S 50407981.

Customer's reviews

Bestellung, Lieferung und Kontakt super . Gerät ist einwandfrei und nicht nur ein "MÄNNERSPIELZEUG". Am Samstag konnte ich das 1. Mal Pausen beim Häckseln einlegen weil mein Mann nicht mit dem Schneiden der Hecke hinterhergekommen ist. :-))


Ingrid, 09.02.2014

Gerät ist super! Gutes Preis -Leistungsverhältnis! Nur Haltebügel und Räder anschrauben ,fertig. Gerne wieder besten Dank.


Andreas, 08.05.2015

Stabile, ausgereifte Konstruktion, die mit dem leicht zu startenden 15 PS Motor optimale Schredderleistung bringt. Nach kurzem Sammeln von Erfahrungswerten beim Einbringen der verschiedensten Materialien zeigt der Häcksler seine volle Stärke. Kaufabwicklung , Zustellung, sowie die nachträgliche Verrechnung über Paypal ist perfekt gelaufen. Was ich verändert habe, ist die Startauszugrichtung nach oben. Ich habe den Auszug um ein Viertel verdreht und sich jetzt waagrecht mit besserer Handfreiheit und Zugkraft betätigen lässt. Dies ist ein Profigerät mit top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.


Norbert, 03.04.2016


Operating mode

Operating mode of Garden Shredder Woodchipper

It does not depend on the size of the garden, but on how its planted with. Garden shredders are very useful gardening tools to quickly and efficiently shred the inserted branches, twigs and other garden waste. With the DENQBAR models, these are effortlessly smashed by 16 fast rotating hammers. Due to the perfect interaction with the specially hardened double knife blades in the chipping chute, you will always receive impressive results.

The 4-stroke petrol engine, which has been improved over the previous generation, provides the necessary power. This engine not only operates very fast and powerful, but is very environmentally friendly as well. Clever gardening enthusiasts immediately use the shredded material as soil-improving mulch or as the basic material for high-quality and valuable compost. With the DENQBAR garden shredders, you can regain space and order in your green paradise instantly!

The garden shredder DQ-0232 - Innovations inspired by nature

With the garden shredder DQ-0232 you will affordably turn your garden into a green paradise. By shredding, the volume of garden waste is reduced by up to 75% and therefore is more space-saving in the bio-waste container. However, best reuse of the shredded material is as valuable compost, returning essential nutrients to the soil.

Even in terms of comfort the DQ-0232 is a high-end device, with its extra-large hopper for freshly cut wood as well as the chipping chute with its enlarged opening (145 mm) for easier filling. Ball-bearing wheels and guide handles for particularly easy transport complete the usability.

Your safety is our job - A safety clutch for overload protection, the improved safety hopper and the motor stop switch ensure safe shredding. In addition, the stable wheel kit in XXL format assures a fixed footing. This is signed and sealed as well by the TÜV Rheinland. Our "Big One" has been successfully certified for the GS mark ("tested safety") with the No S 50407981. The GS mark confirms this product to be safe, legally valid and of high quality. 

Garden Shredder Woodchipper - Did you already shred today?



2 litres DENQBAR engine oil 4 DQ OPTIMUM POWER 10W-40 LL
spark plug for Denqbar engines with 168 cm³ or higher
5 L fuel canister with security nozzle
10 L fuel canister with security nozzle